Oprah Offers Solid Advice To 2020 Presidential Candidates That Applies To Anyone

Oprah Winfrey denies any possibility of running for public office in 2020, but she sure has a piece of advice to anybody who will.

The Bob Hope Humanitarian awardee said that instead of focusing on attacking the opposition, public officials and wannabes should spend more time working on their platforms.

"I will say to whoever is going to run for office, do not give your energy to the other side. Do not spend all your time talking about your opponents. Do not give your energy to that which you really don't believe in. Do not spend an ounce of your time on that," Oprah told CNN host Van Jones.

Although the critically acclaimed host refused to run for president, she said that the public demand has been a "humbling and moving" experience for her. She told Jones that for people to vouch for her, she must have done something to gain the public's trust.

Oprah said that while many Americans have called for her candidacy, she is not acting upon it due to lack of divine providence.

Responding To Mockery

President Donald Trump declared that it is Oprah he would like to see run for the national elections in 2020. Knowing the host's weakness, Trump said that leading a presidential campaign would be a painful experience for her.

The controversial president also called Oprah "insecure" in a tweet. Responding to Trump's mockery, Oprah briefly told Jones how she would like to settle the discussion.

"Billionaire to billionaire, megastar to megastar, and also human being to human being, what would you say to the president?" Oprah briefly said. She said there will be no talks with the president, and that she will only speak if she can be heard.

Surviving Trump's Darkness

Oprah's visit to Jones' show is in part to promote A Wrinkle in Time, where she plays Mrs. Which and also to give some inspirational advice. The CNN host was sentimental that Oprah's show is over and that he feels that the nation is stuck in Trump's political turmoil.

"We had you, we had the Obamas in the White House, so even on a bad day, you had a north star — you had some hope," Jones told Oprah. "And then it was like the universe just said, 'psych,' threw us in the toilet and closed the lid and now we're just stuck in this crazy situation."

The 64-year-old philanthropist responded to Jones' statement in her usual positive note. She explained that in times when people are feeding hysteria and negativity, the best thing to do is to "stay in the light."

Oprah's A Wrinkle in Time opened on March 9 garnering $33 million on its debut weekend.

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