Lionel Richie Confronts Scott Disick, Hopes To Come Between Him And Sofia Richie?


Lionel Richie reportedly took a break from judging the new American Idol on ABC to try to get his daughter away from Scott Disick. Disick, 34, and his romance with Sofia Richie, 19, sparked controversy because of their age difference.

Lionel Richie Is Not Here For Scott Disick

Lionel has thrown shade at his daughter's relationship with Disick in the past. This time, he apparently had a huge issue with Disick referring to Sofia as “future wife material” in a statement recently.

One insider said Lionel didn’t waste time to confront Disick. He reportedly called him and told him that Disick will never have the green light from him to tie the knot with Sofia. He reportedly told Disick that it’s only a matter of time before Sofia “comes to her senses” and leaves Disick.

As for Sofia, she is said to be hurt that Lionel isn’t supportive of her reported serious relationship with Disick. Still, Disick is said to be difficult to get rid of for good.

Word is he wants to take the next step in his relationship with Sofia. Thankfully for Lionel, it’s not marriage. Still, it looks like Disick wants to move in that direction. He reportedly wants to move in with Sofia for a “trial marriage” to see if they can really last for the long haul.

Still, Lionel’s perspective on their relationship reportedly only brings Disick and Sofia closer together.

“She’s totally under his spell,” said the source. “No one would be surprised if she married Scott without her dad’s blessing.”

Can Sofia And Scott Survive In The Spotlight?

While Sofia is new to the spotlight in this capacity, Disick has had cameras following his life for more than 10 years. Fans first met Disick in 2007 when he appeared on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. At the time, he was dating Kourtney Kardashian.

While Disick has reportedly been trying to get Richie on the show, fans have seen his ups-and-downs play out with Kardashian over the last decade. Between those moments, they welcomed three children together. Kardashian’s breaking point for Disick seemed to be when he struggled with substance abuse and was in-and-out of rehab. It also didn’t help when he was spotted getting extra close with one of his ex-girlfriends.

As for Sofia, she was linked to famous guys like Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber before her romance with Disick became public knowledge. Considering Disick is still a star on the Kardashian and Jenner reality show, the family had mixed reactions about Disick’s relationship with a woman nearly half his age. Kardashian was not a fan.

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