Logan Paul Starts His Twitch Channel, And It Just Doesn't Sit Right With People

Logan Paul is starting anew and from scratch when he starts his Twitch channel, but people are certainly not easy to forget about his YouTube blunder.

Paul joined the live streaming video platform on March 18 and instantly got 100,000 followers even without doing anything. However, the internet sensation, who rose to fame with his "comical" videos, should not be complacent at all.

The air on Twitterverse is different from Twitch, as Twitch users air their concern on the microblogging site. Paul had become quite a stirrer, as he became a trending topic, with many of the users wishing Paul to remove his account from the site.

Japan Trip Video

Why all the hate? Paul earned the ire of people after his insensitivity in Japan during his vacation. There, he went to Aokigahara, a known suicide forest, where he saw a dead body. Of course, all this were filmed and was basically the reason he received a huge backlash.

Many pointed out that Paul just did it to gain more attention, while others said it was just downright distasteful. It was immediately taken down but not quick enough to be spared from the millions of views.

After his irrevocable actions, Paul tried to redeem himself by apologizing for what he did, explaining he was just a human who is bound to make mistakes, though the fire did not actually die down.

"I didn't do it for views. I get views. I did it because I thought I could make a positive ripple on the internet, not cause a monsoon of negativity," Paul then said.

Toxicity on Twitch?

With this in mind, it is hard to think that Paul would not do it again on Twitch. So many Twitch users took to Twitter to appeal to the platform to ban him.

One user responded on Paul's status that said his account just hit 100,000 followers in just a few hours after it went live. @BijouDemi replied by using a gif of a vomiting man.

"Dear, Logan Paul Keep your toxic ass on Youtube. Sincerely, Everyone on Twitch," @DilligafTwitch said, trying to speak for everybody. 

User @Slasher also echoed the above statement, although he became more detailed. He denounced Paul for allegedly manipulating children and cited his Japan video, but a resounding theme had emerged, and this was a request for Twitch to ban the YouTube star.

One expressed desire of finding another platform to transfer to another site now that Paul has joined Twitch, while another one blasted the platform as the 22-year-old infamous YouTuber has violated its terms of service, yet it allowed him to join.

There are many more tweets that share the same theme: hating on Paul and wishing him out of the platform. If Twitch would not listen to them, it might just lose a great deal of users.

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