Beyonce has been hitting the gym hard for her upcoming performance at Coachella. The star just announced she’s going Vegan to prepare for the show.

Beyonce's Getting Her Body Tight And Right

On top of eating healthy, her workout regimen has been revealed and it’s intense. Beyonce is said to be going harder than ever to make sure she looks amazing for her headline performance.

“Beyonce’s planning to have the best body ever at Coachella this year,” one insider told Hollywood Life.

They said she has upped her regular workouts to twice a day and even some days does three. Considering the number of workouts, it’s easy to see why she’s doing a wide variety of different exercises.

“She’s mixing it up and doing all kinds of different stuff with her trainers,” the insider continued.

As for what exactly, her workouts include Pilates, HITT training, and Soul Cycle classes. Still, fans shouldn’t expect to see Beyonce on a stationary bike next to them in their own soul classes. Word is she’s taking those in private.

Can She Handle Coachella?

Don’t get it wrong, though. While she just delivered twins last summer, Beyonce is said to be completely at ease when it comes to losing weight considering she’s dropped the extra weight she gained from her pregnancy. Instead, the source said this is a “personal” journey for Beyonce as she sets goals she wants to achieve; like losing around seven pounds and tone different parts of her body.

Still, while she is clearly focused on having the right physique, she also reportedly wants to make sure she has a great performance in general.

“Coachella is a grueling show,” added the source. “The heat and the dry air are brutal. Beyonce doesn’t want to miss a beat or struggle with her breath so doing two hours of cardio a day isn’t that crazy, not for a perfectionist like her.”

Inside Her Vegan Diet

As for her eating habits, the insider opened up about Beyonce’s Vegan diet that she just announced earlier this week. They said it’s all a part of Beyonce’s “mission” to have an unforgettable performance at the popular music festival. Beyonce will perform on the main stage for the April 14 and April 21 shows. The entire festival runs April 13 – April 22.

Also hitting the stage are The Weeknd, Eminem, The Migos, Cardi B, Miguel, 2 Chainz, Post Malone, and Sza. Tickets for the festival are already sold out.

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