John Krasinski is rising in the ranks of up-and-coming directors and he has his next project lined up: Life on Mars.

The announcement comes hot on the heels of the wildly successful A Quiet Place, which was directed and starred by The Office alum.

 'A Quiet Place' Team Reunites For 'Life on Mars'

For Life on Mars, Krasinski will be working with the Platinum Dunes producers of The Quiet Place again, Hollywood Reporter reveals. This team includes Michael Bay, Andrew Form, and Brad Fuller.

Paramount Pictures, who distributed The Quiet Place, is also in negotiations for the team's follow-up film.

Krasinski is set to direct, but the actor will also be producing alongside his The Quiet Place producers. Joining the team as producer is Allyson Seeger, who is an executive at Krasinski's Sunday Night Productions.

Life on Mars is a big-screen adaptation of Cecil Castellucci's short sci-fi story We Have Always Lived on Mars. The story follows a woman named Nina who is one of the descendants of a human colony on Mars that was abandoned by Earth. One day, she discovers that she can breathe the air on the Red planet.

No writer has been confirmed for the project yet. Krasinski, who starred in The Quiet Place with wife Emily Blunt, is not expected to star in the film.

John Krasinski As The Director

While The Quiet Place is his most successful directorial effort to date, it's not his first time taking the helm in a big-screen project. Krasinski also directed Brief Interviews With Hideous Men (2009) and The Hollars (2016).

However, The Quiet Place is the project that sets up Krasinski as one of the industry's directors to watch out for after the film saw massive critical and commercial success.

Made with a conservative $17 million budget, The Quiet Place stormed into the box office to a shocking $50.2 million.

In an interview with Huffington Post, Krasinski admits that he didn't set his sights on such huge box office returns for his horror film, especially with the low performances of his previous directorial efforts.

"This movie, in particular, is the same thing: It's a low-enough budget where I just wanted the studio to make their money back," he admits, adding that he didn't see the rave reviews coming.

"I'll be honest with you. There are boats that I am on, and there are boats that I'm not on, and I can tell that the studio is trying to make this as big a hit as it can. And I so hope they do, but at some point that becomes a business decision. It's not why I made the movie, and yet if it goes on to that, fantastic."