The Bill Cosby retrial is slowly taking shape. The latest to share her story is model Janice Dickinson, who recounted her harrowing story that resounded other accusers.

Dickinson took the witness stand on Thursday to give jurors her story with the comedian whom she alleged had drugged her before raping her. She is the fifth to tell her account against a personality otherwise known as the "America's dad" for the role he was popular during the days.

1982 Rape

The incident happened in 1982, just as when Dickinson was a newbie in the industry and wanted to get her big break. The model narrated she went to Lake Tahoe to meet with Cosby to talk about her career. She had dinner with the actor and another man whom she said was a musical director.

That was the time she felt cramps, to which Cosby gave a blue pill to supposedly help ease the pain. However, things took a different turn as she felt dizzy afterward. The other person they were with left them, and the actor instructed Dickinson to follow him in his room to continue their conversation.

Things got worse when she arrived at the hotel room. The then 27-year-old Dickinson had her Polaroid camera with her, and started taking pictures of Cosby who was then wearing a robe and was talking with somebody over the phone.

After the call, he got on top of her. Cosby opened his robe, with Dickinson saying he smelled cigar and espresso. She passed out when he entered her, and she said she felt "vaginal pain." The next morning, she found semen between her legs and said she experienced "anal pain."


Dickinson tried to confront Cosby that day, whom she said looked like he was dumbfounded. She pointed out that he was married and has five children, and what happened was wrong.

"I wanted to hit him, I wanted to punch him in the face. I remember feeling anger," she said.

Cosby's lawyer then asked Dickinson of the discrepancies between her book and her account. In the book, she never mentioned rape, though the meeting with Cosby did make it to her autobiography.

Apparently, putting the serious accusations out against Cosby could put to shelf her book, that's why she opted to leave out the malicious part. Dickinson admitted that it was for the "paycheck."

Dickinson's story is pretty much the same with the other accusers who claimed that Cosby drugged them first before molesting them. Andrea Constand, who took the witness stand in the first trial, had the same sentiments with the model, who in the '80s became the model for major makeup brands, Maybelline and Revlon.