The trial for disgraced actor Bill Cosby is just days away. New and old details have emerged for the high-profile trial on April 9 as Cosby continues to be accused of sexual assault.

Andrea Constand's History With Bill Cosby

This isn’t the first time Cosby is facing a jury. His first trial resulted in a mistrial in June 2017. Now, he’s set for another one next week as Andrea Constand insists Cosby sexually abused her.

Constand, who used to work for Temple University’s women’s basketball team, said she and Cosby developed a close friendship that turned left after he allegedly sexually assaulted her in 2004. She took the witness stand in last year’s trial and said she was at Cosby’s home when he told her to take three pills that he described as “herbal.” She testified that he lied about what kinds of pills they were.

She said she felt like she couldn’t move and eventually lost consciousness. She said she’s convinced that’s when Cosby abused her sexually. While she took action the following year, charges were not pressed against Cosby. Things changed when a deposition for that case was unearthed in 2015. In the documents, Cosby admitted to giving Constand pills and having a sexual encounter with her. Prosecutors then decided to file charges.

How The First Trial Ended In A Mistrial

When the case went to trial in 2017, Constand took the stand and Cosby opted out of giving his testimony. Constand’s mother, Giana Constand, also testified. Another woman, Kelly Johnson, took the stand and said she was one of the alleged victims that Cosby drugged and took advantage of sexually.

Still, that along with Giana’s recorded phone conversations with Cosby in which he said he would pay for Andrea to go back to school was not enough to convince all of the jurors that Cosby was guilty of sexual assault. The judge ruled it a mistrial after the jurors deliberated for 52 hours. While Cosby attempted to get the upcoming trial dismissed, a judge denied his request.

A New Witness To Shake Things Up?

While there will be new jurors and fresh witnesses against Cosby, one of the witnesses has already made headlines. Marguerite Jackson, who is also a former employee of Temple University, will be allowed to testify.

Jackson claimed that Andrea told her she would lie in the case against Cosby in hopes of getting money for school and to start a business. Jackson was not allowed to take the stand in the first trial because Andrea said she didn’t know her. Things changed after Andrea eventually said she “recalls a Margo.”

Cosby has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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