The video for Pink's latest single True Love was released on Monday featuring her husband Carey Hart and their daughter Willow.

The video begins with Pink, Hart and Willow interacting playfully in their living room. She is then thrust, both literally and figuratively, into her life in the spotlight. She sings into her mirror about all the pros and cons of love, which is intercut with footage from her high-flying act from her tour. Most of the video consists of Pink singing in front of a pop art, Andy Warhol-inspired background.

In the first chorus, Pink and Hart throw rose petals aggressively at each other, likely symbolizing the complications of love. Much like her previous single Just Give Me A Reason, True Love is a song about having mixed feelings about relationships, so it's no surprise that she brought in Hart for the video. The two have had a complicated relationship, including marriage, separation, getting back together and parenthood.

Near the midway point of the video, Pink plays with vegetable puppets with Willow, which soon transitions into Lily Allen chopping real vegetables aggressively. Allen sings with an angry look on her face but soon puts the chopped vegetables in a blender and sings "but without you, I'm incomplete."

The video ends much like it began, with Pink, Hart and Willow playing. So far, the video has been well-received, with over 26,000 likes on YouTube. Pink's fitness trainer Jeanette Jenkins tweeted to the pop star Monday, saying, "I love your new video for ‪#TrueLove OMG! Just Beautiful! You, Willow, Carey, Tour life, Green Juice, workout clothes....Love it! Xo"

True Love is Pink's fourth single off her latest album, The Truth About Love. The first three singles reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, with Just Give Me a Reason topping the chart for three weeks in late April and early May.

Watch the video for True Love here: