Khloe Kardashian Tells Childhood Story Of How She Knocked Out Rob's Tooth: 'There Was Blood Everywhere'

Khloe and Robert Kardashian may support each other now, but they aren't strangers to sibling fights and altercations, especially during their childhood.

One particular childhood memory was shared by Khloe on her blog on Thursday detailing the opposite of her close bond with her younger brother, Robert. As much as they are close nowadays and support each other's endeavors, they have had a fair share of ugly fights during the days.

The post, titled "Why Rob and I Are So Close," is relatable in so many levels for siblings who always had something to quarrel about, be it small things, like who gets to choose a TV channel, or bigger stuff. Khloe, 33, is two years older than Robert.

Nasty Fight

Khloe narrated she and Robert were in the car, at the backseat, while they were on their way to Medieval Times. The ride was about one hour and a half, which meant more time for arguing for them. What's more is that, they were being babysitted by their dad's friend, so one can just imagine how raucous it must have been for the one taking care of them.

As they travel farther, Khloe and Robert's fighting was raised to another level. She hit the latter's face, and ended up knocking his tooth out.

"There was blood everywhere," Khloe said.

Of course, things wouldn't go unpunished. As a consequence, Khloe hinted she got some scolding from her dad when they reached home, though they still pushed through the initial plan of going to Medieval Times.

"Poor Rob!" Khloe further wrote.

Family First

Pretty sure all that's in the past now. After all, Khloe has been vocal when it comes to her family as one of her priorities. Actually, the Kardashian-Jenner clan has been known to be a close-knit family, so if anyone messes with a member, the others rush to the rescue.

That was the case for Khloe of the latest cheating controversy about her boyfriend Tristan Thompson. A source claimed that she went to her family during this hard time and got support from her loved ones.

As for Robert, he and sister Khloe still backs each other up. Add to that, an insider revealed that the ex of Blac Chyna was "furious" with the NBA superstar of the infidelity scandal, saying he won't be able to forgive Thompson after the messy controversy.

However, Khloe has been keeping mum on the issue. She wasn't necessarily out of social media, it's just that she has yet to directly address the matter.

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