Sunday's episode of Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 episode 3 left fans in various states of emotions following the death of one of its major characters. The episode killed Nick Clark, which left viewers completely surprised and angry.

Actor Frank Dillane bid farewell to his character in the final moments of the episode titled "Good Out Here." Nick died in the hands of the 12-year-old Vulture mole Charlie. She shot him while he was contemplating on which path to take forward.

Naturally, fans did not see Nick's death coming. There were no warning signs, spoilers, or even hints that could have made them think that he would die. After all, he has been a long-standing character in the series. Nick has been a lead character in Fear the Walking Dead for three seasons.


It is understandable why fans did not take the character's death kindly. Aside from the surprise and shock, viewers were angry at the sudden prevalent deaths of major characters in the AMC's zombie series Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead. One fan asked that there be no more deaths of good characters.

"I can't deal with what just happen. You first kill Carl off TWD. Now you kill nick off FTWD. What next will Morgan get killed or the rest of the main cast of FTWD get killed. Please Stop killing the good characters off," the fan wrote.

Several viewers shared GIFs and memes to express their disappointment at the turn of events in the storyline. The reactions have mostly been negative. One Twitter user claimed that killing Nick in Fear the Walking Dead is like taking out Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead. The fan said the writers just made the worst decision they could have every possibly made when they killed Nick.

Meanwhile, another viewer said that she is going to stop watching Fear the Walking Dead because the only interesting character in the series is dead. One fan also expressed bitterness at the show because they have taken yet again one of her favorite characters as they did in the previous season.

Nick's death shattered fans' hope that he and Morgan would bond. Viewers expected that Morgan will help Nick find himself again.

Death Wish

However, Nick's death was at the request of Dillane, according to showrunners Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss. The series was only in its third season when the actor asked to leave so he could pursue other opportunities.

The creators waited for a proper send-off since they wanted his death to be meaningful. They admitted that it was a difficult decision to kill Nick because the cast and crew have grown fond of Dillane.

"He's been with the show from day one, so it was very important to us and to Frank to find a death for him that was emotional and one that would ripple forward throughout the storytelling," Chambliss said.