Another ex-colleague of Kevin Spacey's has stepped forward to accuse the actor of misconduct. Guy Pearce claims Spacey touched him inappropriately on set.

He Got A Bit Handsy

The 50-year-old Aussie was discussing his time acting opposite Spacey on the hit crime noir movie L.A. Confidential.

Pearce spoke vaguely at first when he was put on the spot about Spacey, who stands accused by multiple parties of various instances of sexual misconduct and abuse over the course of his lengthy career.

The two worked together on the 1997 Curtis Hanson-directed movie. Pearce acknowledged he found it difficult to discuss his time on set with Spacey, but he did admit to some weirdness.

"Amazing actor, incredible actor. Slightly difficult time with Kevin ... He's a handsy guy," he said.

Pearce did note, however, that he was 29 at the time rather than 14 -- a direct reference to the initial, explosive allegations against Spacey that kicked this whole debacle off.

A Variety Of Damning Allegations

It all began in October 2017, when Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp publicly claimed Spacey made sexual advances towards him back in 1986 when he was a teenager.

The House of Cards star addressed the accusations head-on, acknowledging he didn't remember it happening but if it did that he owed Rapp a long overdue apology.

He described the incident as "deeply inappropriate drunken behavior" and utilized the moment to come out as gay, something the LGBTQ community took issue with considering it conflated homosexuality with pedophilia. Commentators also noted Spacey seemed to be trying to misdirect all the negative attention via this personal revelation.

Days after Buzzfeed published Rapp's initial investigations, CNN published a lengthy investigation into misconduct on the House of Cards set. Production staff widely accused Spacey of sexual harassment and, in one case, sexual assault.

Netflix announced the following day that they would not continue the hit series if the actor was still involved. It has since resumed with Robin Wright, his onscreen wife, in the leading role.

Just last Tuesday, London police confirmed that three new sexual assault allegations had been made against Spacey. The actor is facing 20 allegations from six accusers, many of which took place at The Old Vic Theatre, where Spacey served as artistic director from 2004 to 2015.

The allegations span from 1995 to 2013, with most cases reportedly taking place before 2009. They came just three months after L.A. County prosecutors confirmed they were looking into a sexual assault case against the actor, which reportedly took place in 1992.

In November of last year, Spacey went into treatment for unspecified reasons. A rep simply stated he was taking time to seek treatment. Spacey has kept a low profile ever since.