Katherine Heigl Makes ‘Suits’ Debut On Season 8 Premiere


Katherine Heigl makes her highly anticipated debut on Suits. The actress appears in Season 8 of the hit show following the departure of two key characters.

Heigl is playing newbie Samantha Wheeler, a ball-busting right-hand woman to Robert Zane. The first episode sees her refusing to play by anybody else's rules as she causes tension between newly united heads of the company Robert and Harvey.

Shaking Things Up (Mild Spoilers)

They might get off on the wrong foot, but Samantha and Harvey are more alike than they even realize. They both grew up in the same neighborhood, which Samantha admits after Harvey calls her out for fooling a client with a fake story about spending her formative years on a farm. It's this moment that unites the two, as Samantha reveals Harvey is her kind of guy after all.

However, she isn't finished with Robert just yet and told him she wants to be named partner by the end of the year. This is a possibly contentious demand considering Harvey promised Alex his name on the wall next but clearly, that isn't going to stop Samanta.

Elsewhere, Donna wonders whether Harvey, overreacting to Mike's departure, is sick of managing things rather than getting his hands dirty in the trenches with the other associates. When Harvey admits she's right, he lets Robert take on the managing partner role in exchange for his old office.

A Good Fit

The premiere episode all round is an exciting must-watch by Heigl's inclusion. Gabriel Macht, who plays Harvey on the hit show, told Collider that she's a great addition to the cast.

"Katherine has been great. She understands the rhythm and syntax of the show, and I love that she's super strong and sarcastic and assertive. It's almost like Harvey has met his match," he said.

Macht went on to promise more tussles between their characters as the season goes on.

"It's going to be interesting to see how their relationship develops, over the episodes. Right now, I think it's a bit rocky. Later on in the season, we'll see it smooth out, and then become rocky again," he advised.

Heigl looks set to fill the void as the fiery Samantha, who's clearly already causing waves on the legal drama. She explained to Cinema Blend that Samantha and Harvey had to clash at first to create tension.

"I think that having that butting of heads is just so much more dynamic than kind of walking right in and being like everybody's best friend...and [Samantha] definitely comes in butting heads. ... She's not there to make friends with the Specter Litt group," the actress explained.

Suits lost key characters Mike and Rachel after last season, with actress Meghan Markle going off to greener pastures as she became a member of the royal family upon marrying Prince Harry.

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