Fans Remember Kurt Cobain 25 Years After His Death


Kurt Cobain died young, but his fanbase grew old with his memories.

Today's youth might only see a figment of him in shirts, 90s-themed playlists containing "Smells Like Teen Spirit," and his carefree attitude etched in pop culture, but back then, Cobain was the considered the voice of his generation.

Fan Terri Wilder tells CNN how she was "mesmerized" by Cobain and Nirvana when she was unwillingly dragged to a gig. "I remember it was not music I'd heard before. But you got the sense that this was something special."

A week later, their album "Nevermind" went straight to the top of the charts.

Meanwhile, KIRO 7 shares fan Ian Miles' profound attachment to Nirvana's legacy: "It was a formal culture that was given to me, something that actually felt real for once."

Danny Goldberg, Nirvana's manager, in the memoir "Serving the Servant: Remembering Kurt Cobain," attributes his enduring appeal to his "crystalline understanding" of his audience: "He had an exquisite sense of balance of how to stand for something without being boring, how to be entertaining without being shallow. He was almost kind of 24/7 reinventing this Kurt Cobain persona."

Nirvana forever

This year marks a painful time in the world of music.

At a plum age of 27, Cobain committed suicide. His body was found by the Seattle police on April 8, 1994 - three days before an electrician working nearby finally found him. He was in a relationship then with Hole frontwoman Courtney Love, whom he had a daughter with, Frances Bean Cobain (now 26 years old).

His music lives on, which allowed his legacy to be immortalized like the great musical icons who came before him.

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