Dr. Luke is finally getting a day in court, five years after filing a defamation lawsuit against singer-songwriter Kesha.

Kesha Sebert is now facing another setback in her attempt to void her contract with Dr. Luke.

Dr. Luke (real name Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald) is suing Kesha for defamation. He claimed that Kesha made false claims about him so that he would release her from the recording contract she had signed with his label. 

On the complaint, it stated that the singer and her representatives have repetitively made false accusations against the producer in order to force him to release Kesha from the recording contract she has signed with the label. 

She also "spread a knowingly false and wholly defamatory accusation that Gottwald had purportedly raped another female recording artist."

This legal battle has been going on since 2014 between the singer and her former producer.

It started when Kesha sued her producer for sexual assault and battery when she was 18-years-old. She claimed that Dr. Luke drugged her and even called her fat.

Dr. Luke has always stated that the singer's allegations are "defamatory" and false before filing a countersuit seeking "substantial damages for this malicious conduct." 

The alleged attacks have reportedly left the singer with "severe depression," "PTSD," "social isolation," and "panic attacks."

Kesha, together with her legal team, disputed that this conduct was a breach of contract. They demanded that the 32-year-old singer should walk away from her recording deal with Dr. Luke. 

However, the court ruled in the producer's favour and required the singer to create three more albums with Dr. Luke. Kesha has unsuccessfully appealed the decision three more times. 

In 2016, Kesha dropped the sexual abuse claims, but the producer continued to pursue his defamation case. She is now facing severe financial penalties in this case.

Kesha was allegedly promoting boycotts and social media harassment to pressure Dr. Luke to drop her. There were also alleged reports that Kesha's management went as far as to planning to leak the mobile numbers and email addresses of top-level executives from Sony Music. 

Dr. Luke and his lawyers presented evidence that claimed how close the singer and producers were with a birthday card, which was given some time in 2009.

"To the FOXXXY-est producer ever! Ur just getting better with time! Thank you for making my wildest dreams come true!" Kesha wrote in praise of Dr. Luke. 

The producer argued that the singer and her mother, Pebe Sebert, wanted to smudge his name to get some money off of him.   Aside from the birthday card presented, there was no other proof that Dr. Luke raped the singer, according to his lawyers. 

There were several emails sent by Kesha's mother praising the producer, such as: 

"You are part of our family,"

"I know you're going to be a great dad,"

"Thank you for all you do for Kesha. We both love you."

"You changed our lives forever. I love you."

Since they were forced to work together for three more albums, Dr. Luke claimed that Kesha apologized to her, stating: "she apologized to me. It was one of the conditions of us moving forward and working again when she came back and wanted to work with me again." 

Throughout the legal fight, Kesha's fans gathered to her side and started a movement to "free" her from Dr. Luke's grasp. In fact, her fans even demonstrated outside of the court. 

In 2016, celebrities like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Adele stood up for Kesha, ging as far as giving financial donations and posting on-air statements and comments.