Robert Downey Jr. Turns into Real-Life Tony Stark, Appreciates Martin Scorsese's Marvel Criticisms

Tony Stark defended the world again!

Martin Scorsese threw criticism against the billion-dollar franchise of Marvel Cinematic Universe by calling them "theme parks." In true Iron Man fashion, Robert Downey Jr. stepped up and gave his perspective about the issue.

Scorsese mentioned in an interview with Empire Magazine that the movies failed to deliver emotional and psychological experiences to its viewers, concluding that the movies did not have the essence of actual cinema.

The opinion shocked Marvel fans and comic-book personalities, as well as filmmakers Joss Whedon and James Gunn who both responded to the criticism.

Gunn, the director of "Guardians of the Galaxy," posted on Twitter how he was saddened by Scorsese's comments about one of his most favorite filmmakers' thoughts on his arts.

Only a week during his interview at The Howard Stern Show, RDJ was asked about his comment on the matter or if he was insulted by it. The Iron Man actor just welcomed the criticism but did not agree to it.

Stern attempted to provoke the actor, but Downey showed his laissez-faire attitude and asked him instead if he thinks Scorsese is upset about Marvel movies. Stern responded, "Yes, I do".

For the MCU's godfather, Scorsese is entitled to his judgment -- and that includes Marvel and superhero movies -- like everybody else.

Throughout the interview, the actor strongly pointed out how society needs different thoughts and beliefs. He believes that this incident will allow everyone to debate, find common ground by resolving it, and move forward while becoming better.

In the same case, Downey stated that if superhero movies are to be considered the best cinema of all, this will not allow filmmakers to explore more.

Moreover, Downey made it clear that Scorsese's view does not mean that the legendary filmmaker is jealous of the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With all the views and opinions that can be said about those kinds of movies, RDJ expressed how happy he is to be part of the "problem" that Scorsese's mentioned.

He related Scorsese's critiques to telling Stern that if people are to say that Howard Stern isn't radio, it will never make sense.

Downey and Stern made a little speculation on why the legendary filmmaker might have said what he stated, with the actor comparing him to a stomping beast who eliminates the competition in such a demonstrative way.

Recently, Downey's response followed comments from his co-stars Karen Gillan and Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson compared Scorsese's statement to "Bugs Bunny being not so funny." He also pointed out that not everybody likes the filmmaker's creations either and that everybody has their own opinion.

Amidst this issue, the success of the MCU movies had a significant impact on the film industry, and it will likely remain the same for their forthcoming releases.

There are reports that Tony Stark will appear in the Black Widow movie. And Downey seems fine with the fact that Disney is not stirring for him to receive an Oscar nomination for his role in Avengers: Endgame.

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