Miley Cyrus Just Flirting With Cody Simpson -- Mom Tish Approves!

Just a few days after Liam Hemsworth was spotted with his new girl, Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson also stepped out and had a breakfast date with the singer's mother, Tish Cyrus, at the Aeirloom Bakery.

Not only that, but the new couple also reportedly had a coffee date before they enjoyed the breakfast with Miley's mom.

The early love birds left the Blue Bottle in Studio City with coffee in their hands and seemed to be happy with each other's company. The morning dates of the two come after Cyrus' ex-husband finally went public with 'Dynasty' actress Maddison Brown on Thursday.

Hemsworth was caught burying his face on Brown's chest and sharing kisses with her new belle.

The news appears to tell the world that both Cyrus and Hemsworth have finally moved on after their divorce in August, which ended their seven-month relationship as husband and wife.

Miley Happy with Cody

The 22-year-old Simpson revealed previously that he didn't push through with a relationship with Miley because she was happy with another Australian back then.

Simpson later made a statement about his relationship with the singer, saying that everything happened suddenly. Now, they are doing their best to keep everything about them healthy.

The two have been friends for so long, but they decided to rekindle what seemed to be an unstarted romance.

Simpson promised to be there for Cyrus, and the Australian singer seems to be living up to his commitment. He recently visited tMiley after her recent admission to the hospital due to swelling of her tonsils.

Their relationship has been revealed after Cyrus split with Kaitlynn Carter last September, just a month after her divorce with Hemsworth.

In addition, Simpson attended the Tifanny & Co. Men's launch in Los Angeles and officially disclosed that they are formally together now. Cyrus' new partner then stated that they get along and they are happy with each other.

He also sees dating the singer as a new and different experience for him since they started as friends.

Following this, Simpson posted a photo of his Tifanny & Co. Men's Launch on Instagram. Cyrus commented "Boo thang" with a ghost emoji.

They have also been each other's subject on their Instagram stories, and their fans are undoubtedly happy that they are enjoying each other's company. Hemsworth, interestinglly, also wished the best for his ex-wife and "nothing but happiness."

Liam Listening to Mom?

Liam's mom, Leonie, recently revealed that she never approved Cyrus for her son. Moreover, Leonie apparently struggled to like Cyrus the most.

The two met while filming The Last Song, a Nicholas Spark's film, back in 2009. They dated for years but split in 2014. After that, they got back together in 2016.

Leonie wanted her son to be happy, but she wanted a more traditional partner for him. After the divorce, Hemsworth has been reported to be finally listening to his mom.

Hopefully, Liam's relationship with Maddison Brown will be something that her mother approves. Besides, they are a gorgeous couple!

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