Lori Loughlin Enjoying Yoga as Felicity Huffman Sweats in Prison

While Felicity Huffman spends her first day probably sweating in a Federal prison, Lori Loughlin -- a good friend and co-defendant in the case -- is also sweating it out ... in Yoga.

She was seen in downtown Los Angeles attending a yoga class with revealing photos online. 

Loughlin, Huffman, and several others were charged with fraud conspiracy charges for one of the most talked-about scandals in Hollywood. The college admissions bribery scandal involved a lot of interestingly popular names in elite society. 

Felicity Huffman admitted to the crime and was sentenced to 14-day imprisonment in federal prison. In addition, she will also be out on close monitoring for a year, not to mention the 250 hours worth of community service. 

Unlike Huffman, Loughlin continues to keep her innocence and denies that she was ever a part of it. She is still currently enjoying her freedom while waiting for her day to face the court. 

Former Full House star, Lori Loughlin, has allegedly taken her part in this huge Hollywood scandal when she paid $500,000 to ensure that her daughters, Isabella Rose and Olivia Jade, were secured a spot in the designated crew team for the USC recruits.

The shock is that both kids have never participated in the sport, but were enlisted as recruits. This was presented during the indictment in March of this year. 

Huffman, almost 56, immediately admitted to the crime and has already spent a day or so in prison to start her 14-day sentence. Loughlin, on the other hand, demands that public judgments be stopped, as she said she is not guilty of any crime.

As of today, she continues to enjoy free life outside of prison. 

In an interview with WCVb Channel 5 Boston, Andrew Lelling, the US attorney from Massachusetts, revealed that it may not be in Loughlin's best interest to continue denying the allegations. Her continuous denial of her participation in the admissions scandal might earn her a long time in prison. 

Lelling reveals that they are looking at seeking a higher sentence for Loughlin than what they gave to Huffman. Although he said he cannot reveal what he meant by a higher sentence, he feels that people ought to know that what they did was wrong.

He may not have enough to say at this point, but he reveals that their team is looking into longer jail time. 

Lelling further notes how different the two cases are -- Loughlin and Huffman. He proceeds to praise Huffman for owning up to her mistakes and handling the situation in a very "classy way".

In truth, Huffman may be the least culpable of all the defendants in the case. Lelling said that Huffman almost took responsibility immediately after she was charged. She was contrite and did not minimize the usual conduct to make a scene. 

As Loughlin continues to enjoy her yoga classes and the rest of the freedom she has got left, Lelling believes that when her time comes to face the courts, she will need all the meditation she's getting now. 

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