Angelina Jolie Ruined Brad Pitt? Fans and Haters Actually Weigh In!


The love story of Hollywood celebrities Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, or jointly known as Brangelina, may have been over, but the discussions on who or what caused the breakup between the two continue.

In 2016, the estranged couple ended more than a decade of togetherness. However, it seems that the people following their relationship haven't recovered up until now. Fans and haters alike have been on heated online discussions of who's to blame.

A post on the Data Lounge started the debate, with one user asking: "Did Angelina Jolie Ruin Brad Pitt?"

In this web-based debate, there was a good balance between Pitt and Jolie defenders. While there are respondents who believe that the actress did not ruin her ex-husband, there is also quite a number of Pitt supporters who strongly believe that a big 'YES' is the answer to the poll question.

What the People Say

An anonymous respondent, who is obviously favoring Jolie, says Pitt has been ruined even long before the actress came into his life. The respondent adds it's just the actor's age that's to blame why he is looking obviously ruined.

The next unknown anti-Pitt respondent agrees and even says, Jolie even made the male celebrity a big (even bigger than before) star.

The hate comments for Pitt continues, with another message describing the celebrity hunk an alcoholic who doesn't deserve any sympathy from people for being separated from Jolie.

However, not everyone said bad things against Pitt in this online discussion. A Jolie supporter simply replies that the actor looks great for his age and is surrounded with love by his peers. He also has a thriving career ahead of him, both as an actor and producer.

The Pro pro-Jolie follows up the comment with a question, "what part of Pitt then, did the actress ruin."

Defenders of Pitt certainly do not want to accept defeat in the discussion, as one says the celebrity hunk has done just fine and is well-loved in Hollywood while Jolie is not.

Moreover, igniting the heated argument online is the response from someone obviously supporting Pitt. The anonymous respondent said the actress "made him half the man he used to be," and hopefully, he recovers from the big mistake of deciding to marry her.

This discussion goes not just between Pitt and Jolie fans. A Jennifer Aniston fan seems regretful and said the actor shouldn't have left Aniston in the first place. For those living in the rock for the past two decades or so, Pitt and Aniston tied the knot in 2000.

The Reason Behind Their Breakup

Pitt and Jolie's marriage ended with all their five kids under the actress'scustody. Just two years from their wedding, the "Maleficent 2" female star filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason.

This move allegedly stemmed from a supposed altercation between the actor and their eldest son, Maddox, that, according to reports, ended with physical contact.

It's over now between these two celebrated artists, and it seems unlikely that there will still be another chance for the two. Just a couple of days ago, in an interview, Angelina admitted it took her so much inner strength before returning to acting after the breakup.

Regardless whether they'll be friends or not, here's to hoping they'll be happy in their respective lives.

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