Amanda Holden dominated the red carpet event during the Global Gift Gala with her risqué hot pink-colored gown.

She seemed to stop the clock more, however, when she suddenly faced a wardrobe malfunction.

The 48-year-old television presenter and personality looked dramatic wearing a Lazzi & Osta sequined-detail gown. The gown had a remarkably plummeting neckline, which showed her cleavage along with her firm and well-defined figure. Adding more allure was the extensive slit near her upper thigh.

Despite treading during the wee hours, Holden still pulled off one of her most sensual gowns to this date and continued parading it inside the Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel.

Before leaving the venue, she stepped down the stairs and carried on to be an eye-catcher. Nonetheless, she accidentally flashed her nipple while she was still in the middle of her stride. Fortunately for her, she was still able to advance and pulled off some captivating poses for the paparazzi.

The "Britain's Got Talent" judge became the talk of the town with her photos, though it was not the first time she had a wardrobe mishap. She recently posted a picture of herself in the Heart Breakfast studios and revealed her nipples in the shot, which garnered a lot of negative comments.

Holden is Not a Princess

Holden's name was recently linked to an argument between the celebrity and a tile company named Appleby's tiles. She was accused of using her fame and celebrity status to get special treatment from the company.

She reportedly asked for a refund after she received an incorrect box of tiles, so she reached out to the company's customer service for a refund but only received nothing but false accusations.

"Unfortunately, that is not how it works. We will not be refunding your order however we can refund your shipping fees," the tiles company's rep said.

Holden wound up losing all her cash since Appleby's tiles declined to give her the tiles for free or a refund to compensate for the shortcoming made by the company itself. To her disappointment, she took her rage on Twitter and let her followers know how the company handled the situation.

The proof that she did not make use of her celebrity name to acquire special treatments was sent to MailOnline. Upon the review of the full transcript, Holden's name was cleared, as she did not do what the representative of the tiles company said.

"I don't expect any special service. JUST a service would be good," furiously answered by the BGT judge.

Following her Twitter post, she made an Instagram update roasting Appleby UK for failing to give proper customer service. She also enumerated three mistakes that were all under the company's liabilities.

Holden started it by clarifying that the box with wrong tiles had her name. Moreover, while the company already admitted their fault, they still insisted of letting Amanda pay for the wrong items delivered. She ended the post by calling Appleby's representative "Jack" and advised him to "have a glance at the Oxford English Dictionary."