Dennis Quaid Announces Engagement To 26-Year-Old Girlfriend

Actor Dennis Quaid has reportedly bent his knees and finally got engaged with his 26-year-old girlfriend five months after declaring their love in public.

The 65-year-old "A Dog's Journey" actor and 26-year-old Ph.D. student Laura Savoie were first seen together in May of this year while having a meal in West Hollywood, California, and it was believed to be the first day of their dating days.

The first date was immediately followed by a summer getaway and boat date in Lake Como, Italy since the two both love to speedboat. Just recently, they were spotted again holding their paddle boats while they were on a vacation at Waikiki Beach in Hawaii.

TMZ confirmed the engagement with the photograph they obtained. According to the report, the photo was taken last Friday (October 18) a few moments right after Savoie said yes to the actor at the Turtle Bay, Oahu.

Dennis and Laura attended a nearby wedding party after they got an invitation from the couple themselves, and that was when Savoie was captured showing a ring with an enormous rock on her left ring finger.

Despite the 39-year gap, it seems nothing can stop them from showing their love for each other. Though they did not announce the wedding date yet, people are guessing that they might be hearing wedding bells once Savoie graduates with her Ph.D. in 2021.

Quiad and Savoie's Past Relationships

Before dating his now-fiancée, Quaid also dated his longtime 32-year-old girlfriend Santa Auzina for two years until December 2018. Dennis and Santa dated after the former's divorce with Kimberly Buffington in 2016.

Quaid had three marriages and his soon-matrimony with Savoie will be the fourth. In an interview last December 2018, Quaid  opened up that despite the failed marriages he had gone through, he would never count anything out if he ever got to marry someone again.

He previously told a story up about his past relationships and how he never regretted any of them. With all the failures, he learned to "look back with fondness" to all of them. Quaid also mentioned how he was worried to review the past when he couldn't remember what exactly happened anymore.

He first married American actress Pamela Jayne Soles, whom he met on the set of the 1978 film "Our Winning Season. However, they split later on, and Dennis went on to marry again -- this time with Meg Ryan in 1991.

Dennis and Meg had a son together, Jack Henry. Unfortunately, their relationship lasted for just a decade and they separated in 2000, with their divorce finalized in 2001.

Quaid then married Buffington in 2004, but they officially split in 2016. Buffington was the first one to file a divorce in 2012 and 2013 due to "irreconcilable differences." He had a twin with Buffington, Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace.

Meanwhile, Savoie dated "Entourage" actor Jeremy Piven when she was still studying in college.

Hopefully this time, Quaid will have a successful and happy marriage.

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