Why does Kate Beckinsale refuse to accept projects that will involve working with Ryan Reynolds? Is there a mysterious past between these two that their fans are not aware of? 

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon at The Tonight Show, actress, Kate Beckinsale, 46, told the host that she was a dead-ringer for a fellow celebrity. She admitted that she cannot work with Reynolds for a very personal reason.

"I look like I'm Ryan Reynolds," Beckinsale said.

Both Fallon and Beckinsale broke into laughter, with the former clearly surprised by the revelation. Kate further added that there are instances when he would look at Reynolds' ad on a bus and would tell herself that she looks hot -- only to realize that it wasn't her that she's looking at.

She's fairly convinced that she looks like Ryan Reynolds. And when everyone saw their pictures side by side together, the similarities slowly creep in. It has become kind-of difficult to unsee it. 

Fallon held up a photo of the two celebrities together and remarked that he couldn't see the similarities she's talking about. Beckinsale prompted by saying it may indeed be a hard sell, but that's how she sees it.

Beckinsale is certain that they are lookalikes. 

Kate elaborated further on the likeness of her looks to that of Ryan. She admitted that she, too, has wrestled with the thought considering that Ryan Reynolds is a big Canadian man. 

"He isn't even a girly-boy-band-type of guy, but I really see myself in him," she remarked.

Kate and Ryan in the Same Room?

The similarity Kate feels is so intense, that she couldn't see herself working with the "Dead Pool" actor. Beckinsale feels that they can't be in the same room.

She also believes that if they do get to be in one room, one of them will explode or something. The universe might not be able to handle it.

It's a crazy thought, but that's how strong the "Underworld" star feels at the thought of being in the same room with Ryan Reynolds.

Beckinsale sees Ryan Reynolds as her doppelganger. She furthered that something wrong might happen when they're physically together in the same room.

Warning to Her Significant Half

Beckinsale also revealed that some of her significant partners have been in the same room as Reynolds, and they felt uncomfortable being around him because she kept on insisting about how much they look alike.

It's quite a pity she didn't specifically name those who found it awkward to be with Ryan beause of her story, but it definitely makes for an amusing bit.

Beckinsale was previously linked with Pete Davidson, star in Saturday Night Live. The two broke up in April of this year

Is it time to ask Ryan Reynolds the question? Does he also see Kate Beckinsale staring back at him when he looks at the mirror? What does Blake Lively think about it? Surely, everyone can't wait to hear what Ryan and Blake have to say!