White privilege or superstar treatment in prison?

Felicity Huffman's attorneys know their way around prison, and in a sly move, they were able to cut the "Desperate Housewives" prison time by three days.

The "Otherhood" star turned herself in on October 15 (Tuesday) to serve her 14-day prison sentence. The Emmy Award-winning actress was fearless going into prison, even though she wouldn't receive a special treatment.

Huffman knew she would only be there for a short time, and she reportedlyt would like to learn Prison Justice Reform from her inmates. It was a very important cause for Huffman.

However, contrary to expectation, Huffman was not only released early but also treated differently.

Prison Treatment

According to an Inside Edition report, the Oscar nominee may have been getting special treatment in prison. Despite having said she "did not ask to be put in isolation" and that she will be in general population, a former inmate and personal consultant revealed that Huffman was put in semi-quarantine.

Former inmate Larry Levine added that the 56-year-old celebrity was allowed to eat first during meals and was kept away from the inmate population she wanted so much to learn from.

Front in line and kept safe, can't a celebrity get anymore special treatment?

On October 19, Saturday, Huffman's husband William H. Macy and their youngest daughter, Georgia, came to visit her in prison for a few hours.

"Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller was appalled by the apparent privileges the celebrity got. Miller served jail time in 2017 and said she had to wait for up to 90 days to get her visitors approved.

"It's as if Felicity got there and somebody circumvented federal prison policy," cried out the reality TV alum.

Early Release

Just when Levine and Miller were still crying injustice over Huffman's special treatment in federal prison, news broke that Felicity Huffman was released on October 25, Friday. Huffman was supposed to be released on October 27, Sunday.

Huffman's 1-day incarceration on March 12 was already deemed served, cutting her sentence to 13 days in prison. However, Huffman only served 11 days in prison.

Her attorneys cited the provision that the Bureau of Prisons may release an inmate if their release date falls on the weekend or on a legal holiday -- unless there are other reasons for necessary detainment.

Life After Prison

Felicity Huffman still has 250 hours of community service to do and will be under one year of supervised release. Court documents reveal she has paid her $30,000 fine.

Felicity has been seeing a family therapist with her daughters Sophia and Georgia.

Oh, and her first major role since the scandal, "Otherhood," is now on Netflix.