Jim Edmonds and wife Meghan King Edmonds have finally decided to put an end to their marriage.

However, while the divorce shocked a lot of people, it was actually not Meghan's first divorce. Apparently, she also had a secret marital split before her revealing divorce battle with Jim. 

The former "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star never told her fans about being married and divorced before. In fact, no one knew about it until now. 

Radar Online was able to obtain legal documents about her first marriage and how it ended. According to the report, a source close to Meghan said that the actress, 35, didn't talk about her first divorce to a lot of people.

What interesting to note though is that Meghan felt confident talking about Jim's failed marriages, but not once did she talk about her own. 

First Divorce

Before he decided to tie the knot with Meghan, Jim Edmonds was married twice. Everyone knows about this. However, little is known about the blonde beauty from St. Louis who was married to a young lawyer named Brad McDill.

According to Radar, Meghan and Brad got married in 2007 shortly after she earned her degree from the University of Mississippi. 

Based on the court documents, Meghan tied the knot with McDill on July 2007 and filed for divorce in October 2011. Irreconcilable differences were cited as the reason for the split after more than four years of marriage.

The court granted their divorce on November 30, 2011. Since then, Meghan has had her maiden name restored back to Meghan O'Toole King. 

The court papers also revealed that Meghan King got her share of the money from their joint savings account, a 2004 Nissan Murano, and all her valued personal possessions from the divorce. The couple agreed to split the proceeds of their home sale amounting to $225,000. 

Second Divorce

Meghan, however, is now on her second divorce. She met Jim through mutual friends, and they dated for a while before deciding to tie the knot on October 2014.

They have three children together. However, a little after the celebration of their fifth year as a couple, Jim decided to file for divorce on October 25, 2019. 

A reliable source told US Weekly that Meghan accused her husband of being unfaithful with their nanny, Carly Wilson, 22. Wilson has since denied the allegations. In an Instagram post where a commenter asked of her involvement with the Meghan-Jim split, Carly said that the allegations thrown at her are completely false. 

On the other hand, Jim also denied the rumors and said that the spread of such news is dangerous and downright irresponsible.

The former St. Louis Cardinals center fielder was once accused of being unfaithful to Meghan with a "baseball madame," as first reported in All About The Tea. But when the scandals hit the headlines in June, Jim denied all allegations. 

In an Instagram post, Jim implied that his wife was the one responsible for spreading such lies. She called her a narcissist. Meanwhile, Meghan refered to herself as "raw" -- implying that she's the vulnerable victim in this story. 

Sadly, this might make Meghan a two-time divorcee.