Zayn Malik reached out to Robbie Williams after leaving "One Direction" in 2015. After all, Williams also left his boy band, "Take That," and Malik would have loved to get an advice from him.

Unfortunately, Zayn didn't get one. Robbie has nothing to give.

Williams was invited for an interview with GQ Hype where he talked about his famous argument with the former frontman of the rock band "Oasis", Liam Gallagher, and how much he still wanted to fight with him. In the latter part of the interview, he finally revealed why he did not give a piece of advice to now-soloist Malik right after his departure from 1D in 2015.

"I was too f**cked up to help him that time," revealed by the "Feel" singer.

He added that he was contacted by the other members to talk to Malik and save him from his "demons." However, he could not give any form of help to the "Dusk 'Til Dawn" singer as he needed help, too.

The only thing he thought he could say to Zayn back then was that "there was no hope" and things could only go worse. With his past issues on drugs, he called himself "a poster boy for broken people" but not for the broken Malik in 2015.

Zayn, Robbie -- The Same?

People compared Malik to Williams four years ago, when everything felt like falling apart for the former One Directioner. It was just like what Williams felt after he left his former band to go solo.

One of the most popular icons who commented about the situation was rapper Example.

In an interview with Daily Star Sunday in 2015 (via Mirror), Example said that Malik was following the path of Williams and that he was just "a young frustrated guy who was hitting out."

Over the past few years, however, Williams has gotten better. Now, he said if he could dial Malik's phone now, he would be able to finally give him some sort of advice. The time in 2015 was bad timing after all, and he chose to help Malik by not contacting him.

It took Williams 19 years to become sober. Fortunately, he found a way to avoid temptations. Since marrying his now-wife Ayda Field, he was tamed and the illegal substances he saw before as chocolate bars were not alluring in his eyes anymore.

Robbie Williams Reaching Out to Malik?

According to The Sun, a source shared to them that Williams tried to reach out to Malik a week after he quit the band despite feeling "f**cked up", as well.

The source revealed that Williams gave Malik some advice and sympathized with him since he felt the same when he left "Take That" in the 1990s. Both singers left their groups five years after debuting and feeling like they wanted to take their paths alone.

William's advice that was given to Malik was like the same advice that Williams received from Sir Elton John when he needed it, too. For William, it was a give-and-take situation they both successfully got over with.