Shawn Mendes finally spills the details on when he and Camila Cabello became official.

According to the singer, Fourth of July has become more special to him and Cabello as it is their anniversary.

Heating Up the Feelings

Rumors that the two could be a couple resurfaced with the release of the super-hot video "Senorita," which debuted in summer and was awarded as the "Teen Choice Award for Choice Summer: Song" and "MTV's Best Collaboration Music Award."

Cabello previously told Variety that "Senorita" had been eight months in the making. There were rumors that a Mendes-Cabello collaboration started last year, and Cabello told Variety that the song was Mendes' idea.

Cabello shared there was initially months of hesitation in her part, but they were able to push through with it. Apparently, "Senorita" also became the breakthrough song towards their relationship.

How it All Started

According to CapitalFM, the couple reportedly became friends at Austin Mahone's "Live on Tour" concerts in 2014, during which they were paired to sing in support of Mahone.

They later collaborated on "I Know What You Did Last Summer," which also won the 2016 People's Choice Award.

They later appeared at the "Late Late Show with James Corden" where they promised there was nothing between them and that they could not foresee themselves together in the future.

'Shamila' Begins

After Cabello and Mendes dropped "Senorita" on June 21, they were photographed together on July 8 while holding hands and looking happy together.

Little did fans know that they were already officially together at the time. The couple was seen at the Fourth of July party at Bootsy Bellows house in L.A. It was the first event they went to as a couple.

The two have been trying to keep mum about their relationship. Mendes previously told a fan that "a relationship is between two persons." However, Mendes now revealed the real deal, saying they have been official four days before their first sweet photograph together.

Mendes reportedly replied to a fan on social media, casually revealing that they "have been officially dating since the American Independence Day."

Fans are looking forward to a Fourth of July song collaboration of Shamila on their anniversary next year.

The couple is currently on a long distance relationship, as Mendes is currently on a world tour while Cabello is promoting her upcoming second album worldwide. The two keep in touch with bond bracelets that vibrate every time one misses the other.