Gabrielle Union is one A-lister who never fails to stun everyone with her ageless beauty.

The "Bad Boys 2" actress just turned 47 and yet her face and skin look that of someone in her twenties. Her almost flawless skin got many asking what her beauty secret is. Did she find the fountain of youth?

Union then took it to Twitter to reveal the secret behind her almost flawless skin. According to her, ït's "Water, tequila, boundaries & an extra helping of accountability."

Time and again, Gabrielle would say that water is her best-kept secret. There was even an Instagram post where she took a selfie, along with a gallon of water. The actress also revealed that she would add lemon for taste.

There's a catch though. As Union emphasized, she makes sure to finish her gallon of water by 6 p.m. otherwise, as she emphasized, "you go all night."

An interview with Elle in 2016 revealed that the actress was using Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit facial scrub and toner. There is no reference at present if she's still using the same products, however.

Bring It On and Bad Boys 2

Gabrielle rose to fame when she starred alongside Kirsten Dunst in the 2000 cheerleading movie, "Bring It On." She played the character Isis, the captain of the rival squad of Kirsten Dunst. Fiery and determined, Gabrielle was able to fully bring justice to her role.

As the actress took on more matured roles, her next big break was in "Bad Boys 2." She starred with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in one of the highly acclaimed action movies of all time.

From then, her career simply shoots up and she became unstoppable.

Family and America's Got Talent

Now at 47, the America's Got Talent judge still rocks on and never fails to bring her fierceness in her social media posts. Recently, she posted a selfie and a video of her and her 11-month-old baby in twinning "Bring It On" outfits.

Looking at the post, you might say that Gabrielle is the same cheerleader in the 2000 movie. But no, she just proved age is just a number. She still looked hot in her outfit.

Side by side comparison would show that the actress hasn't changed much. There is the same confidence that made her one of the best cheerleading captains of a series of "Bring It On" movies.

Today, one could see that the actress has become a doting mother and a loving wife to husband Dwayne Wade. More than her selfies, she would constantly post about her children, either on IG or on Twitter.