Cardi B has been through a lot of twerk battles, but this Halloween, she faced someone she would never thought of fighting: Ellen DeGeneres

Sure enough, everyone loved it so much!

Celebrities had their little ways to celebrate Halloween 2019. As for the "Bodak Yellow" rapper, she celebrated it at "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" -- where she got the surprise of a lifetime.

Ellen DeGeneres gave her fans a treat by pulling Cardi B a trick. The host, who became "Cardi E" (E for Ellen, and her current bra size, she joked) for a day, said that her costume was inspired by Cardi B's character on Hustlers.

Ellen Transforms to Cardi E

Ellen completed her "Cardi E"-look with long blonde hair, larger than E-cup breastplate, and her unique version of twerking -- or squatting?

Ellen continued joking around using her monologue when the real Cardi B finally stepped out from the backstage that made the crowd even crazier. Out of all the costumes that Ellen wore, the rapper first laid her eyes and hands on the host's fake breast and threw a joke about it.

"I like that yours are softer than mine. I should be mad at my doctor," the 25-year old said, referring to her recent boob job and lipo.

Cardi B gave Ellen a lesson in twerking before starting the surprise twerk battle. The two did a slowed-down version of twerk until it turned into a solo lap dance performance by Cardi E.

Other than twerking, the Halloween twin Cardi B and Cardi E also exchanged a series of Cardi B's infamous "Okurr". The audience found it too funny that they compared the two to pigeons talking in the air.

Ellen practiced the "Okurr" countless times, and it was worth it as she sounded almost like the rapper.

Cardi B also prepared a costume, too. She revealed that she plans to wear Moana-inspired costumes together with her daughter, Kulture, and go trick-or-treating with her after the show.

Cardi B's Costume Plans

Other than their Moana-inspired costume, Cardi B already dressed as a sexy nurse to support her husband, Offset, on his concert on Oct. 27.

She wore a super short, white dress that flaunted her curves and cleavage even more. Paired with the dress were a pair of latex boots and a red-colored wig. Since she became a nurse for Offset, she also brought a stethoscope to complete her look.

Cardi B, later on, joined her husband on stage and surprised their fans with "Clout" performance.