You gain weight, you lose weight -- you will get bashed. Kim Kardashian West drew flak last year for dropping to 119 pounds for her 5-foot-3 frame.

Kim's weight loss came to a point that she looked and joked about being anorexic, but the internet was not having any of it. After receiving much criticism for her extreme weight loss, Kim took it as a sign that she needed to take a break.

Kim Won't Overdo It This Time

Recently though, Kim resurfaced at the gym. The SKIMS founder admitted that she was not used to having days off at the gym, but she is now taking a 2-week break from weight-lifting every 6 months.

A year has passed and Kim has gained 18 pounds, lamenting that her eating has a lot to do with her weight gain. Häagen-Dazs ice cream is reportedly Kim's weakness, though she tried to cut back on sugar.

Kim Kardashian Workout Before Meal

The mom-of-four is now determined to achieve a good goal weight before her 40th birthday on October 21, 2020. To do this, she is working out with Celebrity trainer Melissa Alcantara who has set a major fitness goal for the reality TV star.

On top of her businesses, studying law, and being a mum and wife, Kim makes sure to work out twice a day: once in the morning and again at night. She does her evening workout before dinner.

The 39-year-old previously worked out with Alcantara on her intriguing weight loss last year. Melissa is a former bodybuilder who reportedly designed a workout for Kim to help her gain weight and tone her legs, arms and abs. Alcantara previously praised the celebrity for her determination and laser focus.

Kim Kardashian Diet

Kim's "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" co-stars and family were also notably concerned back when she was reportedly not eating well. However, it was something Kim is determined to change.

Kimmie recently shared her intention to turn towards a vegan diet -- amused by vegan eggs and sausages. Nonetheless, as the West family is known for their love for fast food, the matriarch of the family is keen to at least stick to a plant-based diet at home.

Meat-free days for the KUWTK star includes sweet potato, avocado, açaí bowl with berries and granola, zucchini noodles and sea moss smoothie. Follow her on Instagram to get plant-based meal ideas, as she regularly keeps her followers posted on her plant-based diet on IG stories.

Healthier eating choices, a strong determination and balanced work outs vs. recovery will certainly help Kim achieve her major weight goal by 2020. Sure enough, we can't wait to see how she will look!