Looks like somebody can't walk away from something that no longer serves them. What better way to scream that you're hurting and angry inside than by taking to social media and share some telling posts.

Former "Orange is the New Black" actress Ruby Rose had a series of cryptic posts about "real relationships" and "fighting for love" messages.

This came a day after her ex, half of "The Veronicas," Jessica Origliasso announced that she's getting married to her trans-male partner, Kai Carlton.

Jessica revealed she was engaged to Kai on Wednesday with a tweet that said, "Happy 1 year & THE REST OF MY LIFE with you @kaigodlike. I've been happy crying for 2 hours. I've never felt so full."

A day before the engagement announcement, Ruby shared a post that read, "Maybe they will choose you. Maybe they won't. None of it matters if you choose yourself."

Another post read, "A real relationship has fights."

It was followed by another post which read "We fall in love with three people in our lifetime, each one for a specific reason" -- to which Ruby captioned with "I love this" while sharing it to her 14 million fans.

Ruby posted another cryptic post that said, "When nails grow long, we cut nails not fingers. Similarly when misunderstanding grow up, cut your ego, not your relationship."

Jessica and Ruby Rose have regularly slammed each other over social media following the end of their relationship in 2018. Jessica even accused her ex that it was becoming a "continued harassment."

Jessica posted a photo embracing her new partner on social media in November 2018 along with the caption, "luckiest."

Ruby Rose then thought it would be a good idea to comment on the photo saying, "Congratulations! So happy for you both!"

Jessica was not happy about what her ex said and made it clear that the comment was inappropriate.

"I have requested you not contact me for over four months now." She said. "You have been given my grace of being ignored on every other private platform, so the fact you continue to ignore this to contact me here publicly under the guise of wishing me well, is continued harassment."

Kai and Jessica got together in 2018, seven months after Jessica split with Ruby Rose.

Jessica opened about her dating history with both men and women, explaining that there's no preference for her and that it "comes down to souls and who you connect with."