In her memoir, "Inside Out,"  Demi Moore wrote about the details of the miscarriage she suffered from at the age of 42.

Six months into the pregnancy. Moore lost what could have been her first baby with ex-husband Ashton Kutcher. She recalled feeling empty, confused and desperate to move on from what happened. 

Moore wrote about her feelings after losing the child she has always wanted to have. She revealed that the miscarriage made her lose sight of everything she had at that tim -- her daughters and family included.

Now, in the latest episode of Red Table Talk on Facebook, Moore was with two of her three daughters with Bruce Willis -- Rumer, 31, and Tallulah, 25. The girls openly discussed Moore's famous life story, including the marriage she had with Ashton Kutcher and how that marriage apparently affected the family in more ways than one. 

Rumer confessed that the marriage her mother had with Kutcher made her feel bad. She was so angry about the relationship because it made her feel like she lost her mother.

There was a time that Demi and Ashton were trying so hard to have a baby and all their focus was on that. Rumer said that at that time, it made her feel like they were not enough for their mother. 

It was the beginning of the rough patch between Moore and her three daughters. There was even a period in the past when they didn't speak of each other. 

The bad relationship with her children, as well as the miscarriage, left Demi Moore vulnerable. In the interview with Red Table Talk, Demi admitted that she got obsessed with having a child with Kutcher. Her "addiction" to Kutcher was what kept her emotionally distant from her daughters.

It was an absence that each of her daughters strongly felt at that time. 

When their divorce was finalized in 2013, Demi Moore was described as someone struggling by those close to her. A source told People that her rift with her daughters and the divorce with Kutcher made her very vulnerable.

Her life was chaos. Alcohol became her constant companion. 

Fortunately, that is all in the past. Sources said that Demi Moore is now in a better relationship with her daughters. She regrets the time when she was unhealthy and is currently trying her best to make up for it now.

In an interview with The Talk last month, Rumer revealed how they are all proud of their mother for writing the memoir. In her words, "We're glad she's telling her story and reclaiming her life."