Kristen Stewart Says Rupert Sanders, Robert Pattinson Love Triangle Was 'No Big Deal'

Kristen Stewart is not afraid to bring skeletons out of the closet. Years after her highly-publicized affair with "Snow White and the Huntsman" film director Rupert Sanders, Stewart comes clean with what really happened.

Apparently, Stewart was a victim of the "thought pieces" of media. She claimed that the media made a big deal out of her kissing Sanders. However, Sanders was married to model Liberty Ross back then and Stewart was rumored to be engaged to Robert Pattinson.

Everyone knows how it ended badly: Rupert's marriage came to an abrupt end and Pattinson and Stewart broke up. While the "Twilight" stars briefly rekindled their relationship, they eventually broke up for good.

The Truth is Out

"I wouldn't say I fell in love with the director," claims Stewart. On the contrary, Rupert was quoted as saying the scandal with Stewart was an exciting mistake.

The 22-year-old Stewart, back then, was young and naïve when she kissed Sanders in public. While she admitted that it was a mistake to kiss the married director, she also put it rather straightforward: "I did not f**k him."

When asked why she did not clear the air then, she opened up about how much she had been slut-shamed already. No one would believes her then. "It definitely looked like [an affair]," but it was not as Stewart claimed.

The Bigger Deal

For Stewart, getting caught up in a highly dramatized love triangle was not that big of a deal. While she admitted that it was not an innocent act at all, she revealed that she was young and going through a really hard period in her life.

What was more tragic to Stewart was not getting an invite to the 2016 sequel "Huntsman: Winter's War." Apparently, Snow White was re-cast because Stewart got involved in the scandal.

For the actress, "the work was so much more important." Stewart further claimed that there could have been a more functional and healthier approach, and she should have at least been offered the part.

Stewart did snag Kathryn Lynn in "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Work" and the lead in the psycho-thriller film "Personal Shopper."

Kristen Stewart Updates

The 29-year-old actress is currently set to propose to girlfriend Dylan Meyer. She previously talked about how she was so close to marrying Pattinson, whom she called her first love.

Pattinson and Stewart remained friends years after the scandal, describing the relationship they have now as an indescribable bond.

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