Robert Pattinson is set to take on the lead role as Bruce Wayne, replacing Ben Affleck for the 2021 release of "The Batman". Meanwhile, Zoe Kravitz also snagged the role of Selina Kyle aka Catwoman in the film.

Now, the internet is thirsting over the tandem. However, the pairing reportedly landed Pattinson in deep waters with his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse.

How Aquaman's Stepdaughter Got the Role

Kravitz is often introduced these days as the stepdaughter of "Aquaman" lead actor Jason Momoa, who gushed over Kravitz's "perfect casting." Momoa is married to Zoe's mom, actress Lisa Bonet.

But Zoe herself has an array of films under her belt. Remember her as Bonnie Carlson in HBO's "Big Little Lies"? She also got a support role in "Gemini" (2017) as well as on "Mad Max: Fury Road" (2015). Moreover, Zoe voiced Mary Jane in "Spider Man: Into the Spider Verse" (2018).

Voicing Catwoman in "The Lego Batman Movie" (2017) may have boosted Kravitz's chance at landing the big-screen role, but she also has A-lister parents to thank.

Zoe acknowledged that she got in the door easier because of her parents, Vibe reported. She is not just Momoa's stepdaughter, but her mom is also an actress and her dad is the retro singer Lenny Kravitz.

However, it is not always smooth-sailing for the actress, who previously auditioned for a small role in "The Dark Knight Rises," only to be rejected for looking "too urban."

Warmly Welcomed

Meanwhile, Michelle Pfeifer, Halle Berry, and Anne Hathaway -- former Catwoman actresses -- have congratulated the Zoe for landing the role. She bested Ella Balinska from "Charlie's Angels" and Eliza González from "Hobbs & Shaw."

However, one of the most enthusiastic welcome came from her co-actor Robert Pattinson. The future Bruce Wayne opened up to Entertainment Tonight and raved about Kravitz's "brilliant" acting. He added that it would be "so cool" to have her around as they have been friends for over a decade now.

Jealous Girlfriend

According to RadarOnline, Pattinson's rumored girlfriend model Suki Waterhouse reportedly felt that her man was "too enthusiastic" to work with Kravitz. Waterhouse was first linked to Pattinson in July 2018.

Entertainment Tonight revealed that the two Brits are sharing a home in London and are often seen taking romantic strolls.

However, Kravitz's entrance into the film is reportedly making the model feel less confident about her place in the relationship. This, despite the fact that Kravitz is a happy newlywed to actor Karl Glusman, whom Momoa praises as a 'sexy MF'.

While the Brit couple reportedly FaceTime each other to keep in touch, Waterhouse is allegedly "planning to be on set a lot" when filming begins.

"The Batman" is set to start filming in London on January 13, 2020. The film will be directed by "The Pallbearer" filmmaker Matt Reeves. Also starring are Jeffrey Wright as commissioner Gordon and Paul Dano as The Riddler.