Royal Signals: Are these Prince Harry, Meghan Markle's Secret Signals?

It looks like Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are sharing secret signals since Day One, and the keen royal watchers notice the gestures just now.

The Duchess of Sussex attended the Remembrance service at Westminster Abbey for the first time since she got married to the Royal Prince. The couple reminisced and paid salutations to the fallen soldiers before speaking with the remaining veterans.

Royal watchers, however, saw that Prince Harry seemed to be cautiously watching over Markle throughout the service, with the Duke of Sussex even caught sending signals to her.

The glance and slight nod of the Prince appeared to be a secret gesture for his wife, and Markle did move closer to him after Prince Harry bowed his head a little.

The speculations about the secret signal was first noticed when the two were filmed while the Royal Family was standing on Buckingham Palace's balcony last June.

It is not the first time that Prince harry was caught making signals though, as some speculated in the past that some of his actions are actually secret gestures. Here's a couple of them:

More Than Just a Habit?

Prince Harry attended the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto where he had an awkward meeting with Melania Trump.

When the two posed for a photo-op, the Duke of Sussex placed his hand in an odd way. In photos from the meeting, Prince Harry's middle and ring fingers were slipped inside his suit and the "strange" pose became the content of news headlines.

While some joked (or not) that it was a way to ward off the devil, some believe that it is a secret gesture.

To explain the gesture, however, body language expert Traci Brown revealed that it could be just a habit or Prince Harry's go-to pose.

Brown explained that the Prince might have been feeling uneasy and awkward. However, it is unlikely to be a secret gesture. Instead, it might be Prince Harry's way to protect himself from the uncomfortable feeling.

Gazes and Giggles

Prince Harry and Meghan love each other, there is no doubt about that. If fans want proof, just read Prince Harry's recent comments about his desire to protect his wife from the U.K. tabloids.

The royal couple often show their affection, and as noted by Marie Claire, they have this not-so-secret look at each other that is often followed by a giggle.

According to the report, the cute gaze was the couple's way to lighten up the mood. While Prince Harry's recent look at Meghan was to ask her to move closer, it is interesting to note that they know what each other wants with just one look!

Patti Wood, who is also a body language expert, compared the "playful intimacy and sexual vibe" gestures of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to Prince William and Kate Middleton's loving signals, which is an unspoken rule in royalty.

Most of their pictures showed all these three gestures and they made the hearts of the watchers even fuller.

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