Princess Diana's Popularity, Presence Irked Prince Charles - Here's Why

Princess Diana has been called the "People's Princess," a title that has been well-deserved for her. However, it seems that Prince Charles is not actually fond of the love and popularity his ex-wife has received from the mass.

Diana, Princess of Wales, may have lost her title as a royalty after her divorce with Prince Charles, but she continued being a champion in the hearts of the public. In fact, in her famous Panorama interview, Diana said that she would rather be the "queen of people's hearts."

A Champion of the People

With her then-husband Prince Charles standing next-in-line for the British throne, Princess Diana was expected to be the Queen consort someday. She was suddenly thrown into the spotlight, being a figure that has piqued the interest of many. From being a simple nursery teacher, she has successfully managed the fame that came with her engagement with the Prince of Wales.

Throughout her stay in the palace, Diana had made sure that she would be engaging in activities benefitting the people. She became a leading humanitarian figure, and at one point, she was linked to more than 100 charities.

Another reason why she became close to the mass was because she knew the importance of breaking down barriers very quickly. Princess Diana made conscious efforts to grow close to them and even wore disguises so that she could mingle with the outside world. She even once allowed Freddie Mercury to dress her as a man so she could enter a gay bar.

Another reason why people loved Diana: she was not hiding herself behind a perfect façade. In an essay published by InStyle, journalist Katie Couric said of the Princess: "She let people see her insecurity and vulnerability. She seemed to wear both on her sleeve. Yes, she was a princess, but somehow, she was like all of us."

Unhappy Prince

In an unearthed BBC Radio 5's podcast series, "Images of Diana," Natasha Kaplinsky tackled Princess Diana and Prince Charles' U.S. visit on November 1985. At an event, Diana danced with actor John Travolta in the White House in front of the former President Ronald Reagan.

On this, Kaplinsky remarked: "Dancing in front of the president of America... It takes some guts to get up and dance in the White House like that."

It left the journalist wondering: what could have given her the new confidence and dynamism?

Well, the fact that Prince Charles hates the attention given to Diana was the last straw for the Princess to bring about a change in her personality.

By that time, according to Biographer Sarah Bradford, Charles was no longer sleeping with her. He was also saying rude things of her then wife, such as: "Why do they love her so much? All she ever did was say yes to me."

While Bradford said that the Queen did not mind Diana's popularity that much, Prince Charles was obviously upset.

Regardless, however, Princess Diana transformed after meeting Prince Charles, and whether he was happy or not, it does not matter anymore. After all, the people found a princess that they can love and relate to.

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