The People's Choice Awards has been the talk of the week, and everyone was thrilled to see all their favorite celebrities and stars in the event.

Celebrities were present and flashed their best outfits and smiles on the red carpet, doing short interviews for the press. However, "Euphoria" actress Zendaya had her reservations when doing small talks. 

Fans all loved Zendaya ever since her days with Disney, and people have grown to appreciate her more through the years. Zendaya fans would agree to this.

During the PCAs on Sunday, Zendaya was spotted arriving at the event wearing a stunning black dress, which people gushed over. The actress also won two awards that night.

While walking on the red carpet, Zendaya skipped over former E! News host and commentator, Giuliana Rancic, and her action led to being one of the hot talks of the night.

Zendaya and Giuliana have been on a hot feud for four years now, and it doesn't appear they have any plan on fixing their issues. Although Zendaya did not do any interview while on the red carpet, she did not stop to where Giuliana was posted. Instead, she strutted her way for the cameras in solo.

The actress flashed a few smiles but refused to speak to the press.

It's already been four years since Giuliana was fired by "E!" for saying controversial comments about Zendaya.

Giuliana's harsh comments were about Zendaya's dreadlocked Oscar's hair. The former "Fashion Police" host commented on how Zendaya's frame is so small and her hair "overwhelms" hers. She also commented Zendaya might smell like "patchouli oil or weed."

After her harsh comments about the actress, E! got rid of her and took her out of the network. 

On the other hand, when Zendaya was asked about Giuliana's comments, the actress said she was "empowered" by the host's words and pushed herself to continue on breaking down boundaries and "expand the mold of what beautiful is to people."

After that controversy, Zendaya has now refused any interview conducted by Giuliana and has declined multiple opportunities to co-host for the network. 

Three years after the issue, Giuliana returned to "E!," but she did not last long and announced her exit again just last month. 

The host posted on Instagram on October 23 and shared how incredible it was for her to return to "E! News." She also noted that it was an overwhelming homecoming for her. However, with her show moving to NYC in January, Giuliana announced that she will not be able to do the show there despite it being a huge move and opportunity for her.

Giuliana, however, added that she will still make guest appearances at E! and will host a couple of live interviews on the red carpet.

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