Actors can make either adults or kids fall in love with them. As for Jason Momoa, he can do both.

The "Aquaman" star joined Kelly Clarkson on her hit variety show "The Kelly Clarkson Show" where he got grilled by the host's kids with some cute and innocent questions.

Clarkson revealed that her three-year-old son Remington Alexander and five-year-old daughter River Rose are both fans of Momoa. She invited them onstage to grant them a chance to personally have a one-on-one interview with their idol.

The 40-year-old actor hugged River and lifted her, while the seem-quiet Remy looked so amazed to have the actor beside him.

The ever-talkative River, as Clarkson also confirmed, started thinking of some bombs to ask Momoa. Meanwhile, Remy gave him high fives but still looked in awe (probably due to the star's presence).

Clarkson reminded her daughter about the question she has been asking her mother before.

"Do you know The Little Mermaid?" River asked as she giggled. The first question made the audience said "Aww" altogether.

Momoa started his answer by describing Ariel as something "sweet and very nice."

"She's also a redhead. I'm gonna teach you about redheads someday. They're very passionate!" said the star while sweetly tapping Remy's back.

The first question-and-answer part almost had the 37-year-old host fall out of her chair as the audience clapped and laughed loudly in the background.

River threw another "hot seat" question, asking "Where does Aquaman go to the bathroom?"

The "See" actor took a few moments to laugh with everybody before answering the hilarious question.

"Everywhere!" Momoa said while spreading his arms widely that brought more laughs inside the studio.

Since the youngest kid remained quiet throughout the cute interview, Clarkson asked him if he has a question for Aquaman. Remy still got no words for Momoa that led River to come closer and encouraged him to talk.

"Hey, you like Aquaman. You watched it! Come one," River told his little brother which fascinated the crowd.

Momoa made the move instead, telling them that Remy was okay to just "chill" with him and gave him another high five.

Clarkson's Kids Are Fans of DC?

Aside from the time they watched "Aquaman" together, the family is also fans of the DC Extended Universe.

In an interview with People in April 2018, Clarkson revealed that River is a fan of Wonder Woman.

"She goes, 'I'm not Wonder Woman.' I'm like, 'You are Wonder Woman,' because she loves Wonder Woman. And she's like, 'I River. But I'm like Merida, I brave.' Definitely she is a fan," the 37-year-old mom stated.

During the same interview, Clarkson opened up how Remy is the "sensitive soul" of their family that can make people melt.

Despite the shyness of the youngest kid, her mom compared him to Tasmanian Devil since anything that can be destroyed will be destroyed because of him -- but in a nice way.

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