Emma Thompson is not afraid to experiment with her looks. At 60, she just sparked a new hair trend inspired by the "Euphoria" trend.

At the U.K. premiere of her holiday film "Last Christmas," Thompson attended with her husband Greg Wise and their daughter Gaia.

Her First Look

The British actress looked stunning in a bold purple ensemble and metallic silver loafers. She sported flared trousers with slits on the sides. Underneath her purple coat, she wore a classic white button with the cuffs exposed over the coat.

What amazed everyone were those sparkles in her hair. Celebrity hairstylist Lewis Palett styled her signature blonde pixie cut slicked back. Then, he stenciled big stars on Thompson's hair and sprinkled them with purple glitters.

Glitter roots are trendy for holidays 2019, but glitter stars on slicked-back hair is pure genius!

Emma played it subtle with makeup. She donned a berry lip shade and swiped mauve eyeshadow on her lids.

LOOK! Even Emilia Clarke was stoked by the hair and tried hard to keep her hands off that adorable sparkling hair!

Here She Goes Again!

The next night, the "Nanny McPhee" star attended the Covent Garden Christmas lights reveal in London.

When Thompson and Emilia Clarke turned the twinkling lights on, lo and behold, there she was sporting another hair trend. The blonde actress looked fascinating with cotton candy pink hair. She went with the same hairstylist, who opted for volumised this time.

The color and the style complemented the actress who looked young and blushing in her new hair.

LOOK! Clarke and Thompson belted out "Last Christmas" by the late singer George Michael.

For makeup, Emma swept light pink blush on her cheeks, a pink smoky eye, and a pop of red lip color.

To downplay the brightness of her hair, Emma put on a cream turtleneck and black tweed pants. She pulled on a faux fur jacket in beige and she did not leave home without her trusty white trainers.

Not Always Spot-On

Truly, Emma is a trendsetter even at her age. However, her looks are not always met with a warm welcome.

Critics questioned whether her outfit was appropriate when she met with Prince William at Buckingham Palace. Thompson came to accept her damehood in a polished navy suit and -- oops, trainers?

However, the Oscar-award winning actress clarified that they were Stan Smith Vegan trainers by Stella McCartney.

It happened early this November, but Emma also recalled another time when she caused a stir in fashion. Apparently, the actress was photographed in Cannes wearing denim -- a big no-no in the French city.

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