Taylor Swift teamed up with Shawn Mendes to get her song "Lover" more emotional -- and they succeeded.

Swift recently faced another issue as the "Shake It Off" lawsuit reopened once again. The case was sent and brought back to the U.S. District Court since the sole and final judgment shall be made by a jury. However, it did not stop her to produce more music and continue doing what she loves to do.

On Wednesday, Swift joined forces with her pal Mendes for a remix of her Top 40 hit.

Swift took to Instagram to announce that the "collaboraSHAWN" between her and Shawn Mendes has finally arrived. She revealed that Mendes rewrote parts of her heartfelt song "Lover," which she appreciated since "she loves him as a writer".

"A remix, featuring someone who I'm such a big fan of, who I've known for a really long time and someone I've always been dying to collaborate with," Swift said to introduce her much awaited collaboration.

Swift has been anticipating the team-up with Mendes for a long time, and the universe finally granted her wish.

In 2015, the 21-year-old "Mercy" singer became the opening act of Swift on her 1989 tour. Mendes stood with her again on the same stage at one of Swift's "Reputation" displays a year ago, where they sang Mendes' song "There's Nothing Holding Me Back".

"Lover" Remix Lyrics For Camila?

On the same Instagram post, Swift also spilled that the collaboration was Shwan's way to send a different form of love letter to Camila Cabello.

Sure enough, Taylor found it beautiful!

Camila Cabello wrote "Easy" for and about Mendes. This time around, Mendes took the ball and announced his feelings through the the "Lover" remix.

The lyrics he wrote swooned listeners, but the line "the girl in my story has always been you" definitely tells so much about Shawn's affection towards Cabello.

Maybe people are always happy to see Shawmila display their public displays of affection, but hearing their songs for each other surely made their fans love them even more!

Cabello once shared that it took them a while before they acted according to their feelings and the timing was off then. At least, after all the waiting and shortcomings, they are together now!

This revamped version became more than a song. As sweet as it may sound, Swift and Mendes successfully turned it into a love letter that hooked everyone's hearts.

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