Jennifer Lopez is not a stranger to nudity in films. As an actress, she willingly bares her body for the sake of the character. However, even she had a heartbreaking #MeToo story to share.

J.Lo was recently interviewed in the aftermath of the #MeToo movement. The interview included other A-listers like Scarlet Johansson, Laura Dern, Renee Zellweger, Akwafina, and Lupita Nyong'o.

At the Wrong Place

In the interview, Lopez bravely shared an incident where the director tried to get her nude off the set.

They were reportedly set to film a movie which had a nudity scene. Lopez was getting ready in her fitting room when the director came in with a strange request.

The director wanted J.Lo to remove her top -- in the fitting room. Lopez recalls how panicked she felt in the moment, but decided she would stand up for herself.

Jenny revealed the Bronx side of her came out. She stood her ground and said, "No. We are not on set." After some more prodding from the director she added, "I don't have to show them to you here. On the set you'll see them."

Lopez realized how important it was that she set the boundary. Though she agreed to doing nudity in the film, it would not mean she was willing to bare it all wherever.

The director reportedly apologized for his inappropriate behavior after his unsuccessful attempt.

Had Lopez given in to the lewd request, she believed it would have given the impression he can do whatever he wanted.

Someone Witnessed It!

The director did not even balk when he saw that he would be exposed. Apparently, a female costume designer was there with Lopez in the fitting room.

Lopez did right to show to the right example to the staff. The moment the director walked away, the designer felt inclined to say, "I'm so sorry that just happened."

Who Was The Director?

Jennifer maintained professionalism and did not reveal the director's name on-camera. However, Lopez recently stripped down for the film "Hustlers."

It was reportedly her idea to dance on the pole. She saw it necessary for the role. But she admits feeling terrified to put herself out there in an entirely unapologetic way.

Of course, that was not the only movie she did with a nude scene. There was the 2015 erotic thriller "The Boy Next Door." She had a topless one night stand scene with actor Ryan Guzman in the film. She described the scene as "uncomfortable and embarrassing."

J.Lo also did a striptease in the movie "Parker" (2013) as well as in "Shades of Blue" (2016). Her first venture into sexy scenes was in "Out of Sight" (1998) with George Clooney.

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