Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande Show What True Female Solidarity Looks Like

KKW Fragrance recently launched and Kim Kardashian West's social media is full of it. She continuously raves about this perfume line revealing it as a passion project with her sisters, Kourtney and Khloe.

Every scent is deeply connected with each of the sisters. However, it seems there would always be something to steal the limelight from KKW Fragrance. It's not that Kim minds though, it is still publicity.

First off, all eyes were on Khloe who rocked a new hairstyle for KKW Fragrance's promotional shoot. Kim raved about it then. Now, it's Ariana Grande.

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In support of KKW Fragrance, Ari sends Kim and Khloe her Thank U Next perfume. It was packaged in a Burn Book à la "Mean Girls."

Ari channeled Regina George in a much nicer way. She simply signed the burn book and attached a photo of her inside.

Kardashian West is all praises for her friend and thanks her for the personalized gift. Take note that the gift is not sold as merch, though fans want that Burn Book packaging badly.

Kim said she is currently obsessing over Grande's Thank U Next perfume. She says this while she is simultaneously promoting her own brand, KKW Fragrance.

The socialite's fans took to social media to shower Kim with lots of love. They admired the fact that Kim would gush about another celebrity's fragrance even when she is promoting her recently launched perfume.

The Kardashians are indeed friends with the "Thank U Next" singer. Kim and her daughter North West have visited Ari backstage at one of her concerts. North went to another of Ari's concerts with her cousin Penelope and aunt Kourtney.

Thank U Next also featured the Kardashian matriarch, Kris Jenner who played Ari's mum.

Jenner donned a pink tracksuit and carried a camcorder while she makes a fuss with the audience. She was supposedly trying to film Ari and her group as they sang Jingle Bells like in the "Mean Girls" movie.

Ari also follows the Kardashians on social media and often comments on their photos. One of Kim and Ari's most famous exchange was when Kim played Ari's "Sweetener" album.

Grande responds by calling Kim the "prettiest person I've ever seen." Kim completely fangirls over the singer and replied with "OMG babe, Sweeter on repeat now!"

So, it's no surprise to see Kim obsessing over Ari's perfume. Further, she continues to promote KKW Fragrance along with SKIMS shapewear. There's a lot going on for this mum-of-three.

She's even studying to become a lawyer!


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