Katie Holmes DO ALL THESE to Keep Up With Suri Cruise

At 41, Katie Holmes sports a fit physique that could still keep up with her 13-year-old daughter.

Katie and Suri Cruise reportedly even workout together when their schedules do not clash. However, she does not force Suri to workout with her because that would be "lame."

Why She Loves to Workout

The "Dawson's Creek" star makes sure to exercise at least four times a week. To avoid a workout plateau, she mixes up physical activities. Her favorites include yoga, spinning, boxing, and even dance classes.

Katie said she is more adventurous now and willing to take on new challenges. She has even tried Flywheel Sports and Rumble for her upper body strength.

Ultimately, working out is the actress' way to release whatever frustrations she has at the moment. It gets her laser-focused on what is in front of her and gets her ready to take on what is ahead.

What Katie Holmes Eats in a Day

On most days, the "First Daughter" actress makes sure she eats healthy. For her, this would mean fish and plenty of salads.

Most mornings would see Katie getting full on smoothies. She loves both fruit smoothies and green smoothies.

The mum-of-one admits she does not fill her plate with carbs. She says she avoids having too much complex carbs like pasta and bread. Carbohydrates tend to make her feel sleepy.

She Has Cheat Days, Too!

Katie says she likes to treat herself to comfort food once in a while. Her cravings include desserts like cakes and handy. A good hot fudge sundae will go a long way to satisfy her.

Holmes' favorite food, however, is nachos! She loves this Mexican snack, maybe just not with loads of cheese and meat overload.

After indulging on sweets and junk food, Katie makes sure she eats healthy meals after. She makes sure she is healthy for her daughter, Suri.

Top on Her List: Self-Care

Journaling is an essential part of Holmes' morning routine. She said that she spends about 20 minutes every morning to write in her gratitude journal.

It is also important for her to listen to calming music early in the day, revealing that listening to distressing music and practicing gratitude sets the tone for the rest of her day.

Holmes does not wait until she is too tired to get massages as well. She believes that the moments she takes care of herself are really worth it. She adds that it's better for everyone around her when she takes care of herself.

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