Rita Ora New Fitness Secrets: Weekly Blood Tests, JLo Fitspo & More!

Rita Ora has a thought-provoking secret to staying in shape: she credits her new fitness plan to feeling good and energized every day.

The "Your Song" singer revealed that her body goals have recently changed. She is no longer dead-set to be skinny, not eating, and pushing herself to the point that she gets sick.

Like JLo and Kate!

The 28-year-old says her fitspirations are currently Jennifer Lopez and Kate Beckinsale. On days when she does not feel up and running to hit the gym, she confessed to look at Lopez and Beckinsale's fit photos to motivate her and rid her of any excuses.

For one, J.Lo is not one to skip her workout routines. She likes to mix up her workouts and do something fun like dancing to keep her body moving.

On the one hand, Beckinsale does a lot of circuit training, which Ora does, too. Ora commits to at least an hour of circuit training and keeps to a regular workout routine.

The English singer also follows the advice of Beckinsale and reduces her intake of complex carbs and sugar. The actress once shared that these foods make her feel sluggish.

Yes to Customized Diet!

Rita Ora's diet plan is customised to her blood. The Londoner makes sure to visit her doctor regularly to get weekly blood tests.

Rita's doctor would tailor-fit the singer's diet based on what her body needs. As Rita explained, every person's body is unique.

Every week, Rita would get a new diet plan adjusted to how much sleep she is getting and how often she is travelling. Unlike before when Rita said she would gain weight despite starving herself, eating only when she can, now she can only rave about her new diet.

The important thing was sticking to the diet. Rita emphasized that discipline really is key to feel good. She is more attuned to her body now, learning what it needs. In turn, she confessed to having more focus to get things done.

On working out, the British singer avoids the problem she had before. She takes her time with training, spending an hour or two at the gym.

However, she is not doing hardcore training the entire time. What is important for her is that she gets the workouts she needs, enjoys the process, and feels content afterward.

The "I Will Never Let You Down" singer has a new mantra. She tells herself to work out so she feels better, not skinnier -- adding that she is done with obsessing over being thin.

Now, Rita loves her size 28 waist and curvy shape.

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