ROYAL TIME BOMB: Prince Charles To Interrogate Prince Andrew

The grilling session for Prince Andrew is not yet over. In fact, Prince Charles plans to get him under tougher interrogation.

Prince Charles flew to New Zealand (with side trips to India and the Solomon Islands) for a 12-day tour to provide engagements with New Zealanders as an advocate of conservation and sustainability of the environment.

However, the issues surrounding Prince Andrew's name overshadowed the supposed good news for the Royal Family, and the heir to the throne was certainly not happy about that.

According to Telegraph U.K., sources revealed that Prince Charles is enraged after watching the Duke of York's BBC interview on his involvement with Jeffrey Epstein. 

Prince Charles remained silent about the issues until now. Even the staff who accompanied the Prince of Wales kept their lips closed throughout the tour.

However, everyone knew that even though he refused to comment on the controversies, he will not go easy on Prince Andrew once he is back in the royal palace. As royal watchers said it, Prince Charles' silence may be a ticking bomb for his younger brother.

Tom Bower, a royal biographer, stated how determined Prince Charles is to inherit the crown, and how one wrong move which can cause disgrace to the royal family will not be forgiven.

In Prince Andrew's case, the heir to the throne will not bow down after the negative impacts the Duke of York has caused on the reputation of the monarchy and the whole royal family.

Prince Charles, Prince Andrew Already In A Rift?

Even before the ill-favored BBC interview of Prince Andrew, the brothers are not truly close and never depended their lives on each other.

Paul Burrell, a former royal butler, revealed that the Duke of York is always on his own and does not establish a strong relationship with his siblings.

"He doesn't mix with his siblings very much, only on public occasions," the former royal butler stated.

Prince Charles is 12 years older than the Duke of York, which made it more possible for them to live their lives separately.

In addition, instead of talking personally with each other, the two kept their communications open through their royal secretaries.

Despite being solitary, Prince Charles still tried to connect with Prince Andrew once when he offered him to be an aide.However, the younger prince refused to accept the proposition.

Their relationship grew further apart in 2012 when Prince Charles divulged his "future vision" to re-establish the monarchy by shutting out wider members of the monarchy.

Once he becomes king, he would only be highlighting the works by those closer to the throne -- which include the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Cornwall. This vision would also slash down the number of working royals to reduce the royal family's costs, as well.

Prince Andrew definitely felt enraged over the plans of Prince Charles, which pushed him more on the ends of his royal life. After the incident, he referred to his brother's deed as something with "ruthless efficiency."

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