Kate Middleton Issues Warning On Camila Cabello Stealing Confession

Kate Middleton made a cheeky warning to Camila Cabello after the singer admitted to stealing something from the palace.

It started when Camila appeared in an interview with DJ Greg at his Radio 1's segment. The "Senorita" hitmaker confessed during the show that she was dared to take something from the Kensington Palace.

The 22-year-old singer revealed that Greg James "triple dared" her to get something once they get inside the palace during the Teen Hero Awards last month. They went to the palace together with BBC Radio 1's Teen Heroes of 2019 finalists and also met Prince William and Kate Middleton during their stay.

Camila successfully got a pencil from Kensington and kept it a secret not until Greg James teased her for causing trouble.

Spilling The Tea

DJ Greg began spilling the tea when he said that the last time he saw Camila was at the Palace.

Shocked, Camila pleaded not to tell anyone what she and her mother did. Greg continued to reveal it all though and publicly shared that he never commented on the story because she ordered him so.

"We're in Kensington Palace for the Teen Hero Awards. We were about to meet William and Kate, and I said "you've got to steal something, steal that pencil'," DJ Greg explained.

Camila insisted that she was dared by Greg James, which he admitted that he really did. The DJ went on to make fun of the singer and publicized that he called her out for it which grabbed the attention of everyone in the palace.

Cabello narrated how she put it inside her mother's purse and how her mother's reaction was like "no we have to give it back, we have to give back the pencil."

Nonetheless, since Greg dared her to do so, Camila pushed through it and admitted that she still has the pencil until now.

Kate Middleton Reacts!

BBC Radio 1 shared the interview video on Twitter alongside the caption "I am sorry William and I am sorry Kate @KensingtonRoyal - @GregJames may have got @Camila_Cabello into a bit of trouble at the Palace."

All of a sudden, Kate Middleton used Kensington Palace's Twitter account and replied with two eyes emoji to teasingly warn Camila that they are watching her.

There is no "official" statement about the stealing, though. But probably the Kensington Palace made an exception for Camila after she admitted that she really stole a pencil from them.


Kate Middleton Did Not Make It to The Top

In other news, Kate Middelton is no longer the best dressed royal anymore.

The global fashion search engine "Lyst" analyzed the fashion data for 2019 and to their surprise, the Duchess of Sussex topped the fashion-related searches, global media coverages, and other social networking sites' trending list.

Meghan Markle beat Kate Middleton, who dropped her status from being included on the Top 10 in 2017 to landing at the eleventh place this year.

Even when she lost a place though, Kate Middleton certainly still wins in Prince William's heart as they are now trying to show their affection in public! In the end, the Duchess of Cambridge will always have that charm in Will's eyes.

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