The Buckingham Palace serves as a runway for the members of the royal family, most especially for Queen Elizabeth II who uses her clothes to send signs and signals.

Throughout her 67 years of reigning the British monarch, Her Royal Highness always makes sure that she stands out whenever she is in public. To guarantee it, she follows a routine and makes sure to choose the best "costume" for the day.

Before the longest-reigning female monarch begins her day, Queen Elizabeth II follows a practice where the royal staff assists her by bringing down the outfits from the top floor of the palace.

Former royal butler Paul Burrell told Yahoo U.K, "Her dresser will bring down two outfits in the morning, with pieces of material clipped to them so that the Queen can remember whether it's silk or cotton or wool."

However, it is not only the type of cloth she always checks on.

In 2016, The Countess of Wessex Sophie disclosed in the documentary "The Queen at 90" that Her Majesty wants her clothes to make her stand out so that the people can say that they saw the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth II triumphantly blooms anywhere since she only wears monochromatic-colored outfits from her wardrobe. Nonetheless, there is one color that Her Royal Highness will surely never wear: beige.

"Her Majesty once said, 'I can never wear beige because nobody will know who I am,' and she guarantees that she will have people's attention through her costumes' colors," royal biographer Robert Hardman said.

Blue is Called "Royal" For a Reason

Even though the Queen does not like one color, she has a favorite, too!

In an analysis conducted by Daily Mail, they found out that out of her most-chosen colors, the shade of blue conquers her looks most of the time.

Vogue magazine also compiled every outfit that the Queen wore in the past 12 months to determine her most favorite shade to the least one.

As previously mentioned, 29 percent of her wardrobe has a shade of blue. The next on the list, floral (though it is not a color), is at 13 percent, followed by green at 11 percent.

Angela Kelly, Queen Elizabeth II's senior dresser, exclusively told the Telegraph that Her Majesty is very fond of clothes and is "a real expert" when it comes to picking her fabrics and clothes. She added that the Queen still considers her opinion but her choice is still final.

Kelly even published the book "The Other Side of the Coin, the Queen, the Dresser, and the Wardrobe" where she tackled about how the wardrobe is cautiously arranged, selected and presented to the Queen.

In the same book, Kelly exposed one story about how the Queen's private secretaries shrugged her suggestion off to let Her Majesty wear a black dress when she met the Pope in 2000. Her advisors wanted her to dress in a colorful outfit, but Kelly thought that the assistants failed to do their homework after they offered "bad advice."

If some brave stylist were to meet the Queen in the future, royal watchers know that only Queen Elizabeth II can decide for herself.

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