Disney Star Bella Thorne Slammed For Seductive Video On IG [VIDEO]

Bella Thorne is trying to make a statement. She wants to tell the world that she is no longer the young star they used to watch on Disney Channel.

The 22-year old actress is trying her best to improve her acting and directing skills while managing several businesses of her own. Indeed, Thorne has gone a long way since she started, and her Instagram following shows the numbers. 

Yet, the former Disney star found herself in the midst of controversy of her own doing. In a recent Instagram video, she shared a video of herself taking a bath -- a post that did not sit well with some of her fans.

Insensitive Or Just Too Young?

Thorne has created a fanbase for herself. With 22 million followers on Instagram, she surely has amassed more fans now than when she was a Disney star.

While many of her followers love how she embraces her freedom of expression, many others think that she might not be old enough to truly understand her responsibility. Her social media posts are getting a lot of attention even from other celebrities.

Moreover, the young star does not shy away from criticisms, too.

In celebration of Halloween, Thorne posted a picture of herself wearing makeup that looked like she was beaten up. Although it came with good intent to be one with the celebration, many found it insensitive. Some said that it was as if Thorne was glorifying domestic violence and it is sending the wrong message. 

On another occasion, the former Disney actress was threatened by a hacker that would release her topless photos. So in an act of reclaiming authority, she posted her nude photos herself. This received a number of negative commentaries, including one from Whoopi Goldberg. 

Thorne's Soft Porn?

The latest video content that Bella posted on her Instagram page received yet a number of comments.

The actress posted a video to show off her hair growth. In the caption, she wrote about how her hair was cut short up to the neck and for a time she thought it was not growing back.

Innocently, Thorne added that she was surprised how long hair was now.

"It took me a long time not to feel insecure about not having grown my hair back long, but now it is long!" she wrote. 

However, her followers could not help but notice the sultry nature of the video. Though she was showing off her hair, followers could not help but notice how longingly she looked at the camera.

While she was filming her fingers running through her hair, Thorne was looking seductive. These actions appeared to have been done consciously by Bella, which was really within her rights. It perfectly fits the sex-positive mindset that she has always exuded. 

However, her fans came with divided opinions. Thorne may be trying to send out a positive message, but as it turned out, the video looked like it was soft porn. One commenter called her out by saying that she took the time to write the caption just so people can excuse her for posting a nude video. 

Another follower reacted saying, "Wow that was cringe-worthy."

Yet again, this former Disney child star, isn't about to stop. Everyone's interested to see what she would be posting next. 

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