7 Types of Makeup Brushes You Should Have For 2020 and Get From Amazon Now

In order to achieve the perfect full makeup look this 2020, a little assistance from your brushes can absolutely help!

Just like how painters invest their money to get the best brushes for their paintings, a makeup enthusiast like you should also own different brushes to help you blend and use your makeup to the fullest.

Most makeup applicators come with different sizes and shapes, but most people preferred using the standard brushes that have handles so you can do the strokes as easy as you want it to be. 

We have gathered the best brushes for you to achieve this! Amazon's Choice BS-Mall Premium brushes can surely do the job for you. 

(Photo : BS-MALL)

BS-Mall currently ranks as Amazon's top 1 in Makeup Brush Sets & Kits and 10 in Beauty & Personal Care products.

Their best-seller, a 14-piece brush set, has the best pieces you can own in 2020! Each package includes one of the following: angled brush, flat angled brush, face flat brush, round brush, tapered brush, blending brush, angled eyeshadow brush, classic eyeshadow brush, concealer brush, pricise brush, detail brush, angled detail brush, classic detail brush, and eyeliner brush.

(Photo : BS-MALL)

Out of 14, we have picked the seven brushes you can frequently use from this set, and we are sure that you will love them!

Angled Brush 

Wearing blushes can never go out of style, most especially if you use the correct brush to highlight your cheeks.

This is ideal to use when you want to wash the color of your blush so it will not look "too pale, too light". BS-Mall's angled brush is too fluffy that you will want it to touch your cheeks for a longer time.

Aside from being a blush brush, you can also use it to apply bronzer onto your face. So it is like a power of two in one brush! 

Concealer Brush 

Stop using your fingers to conceal everything that you need to hide!

This brush is ideal for those people who got little zits on their faces and those imperfections under their eyes.

What made this product more important than anything else is its ability to make everything look more natural since it can make your concealer do its job as perfect as possible.

Face Flat Brush

For those who are not a fan of liquid makeups because "they are too sticky" but you still want to try them, this one is for you.

Face flat brush allows you to still use creamy products without making you feel that you are applying a liquid onto your face. No more hassle for you!

(Photo : BS-MALL)

Detail Brush 

As what its name says, this brush promises to help you in detailing your makeup, particularly your eyeshadow. It can also smoothly and cleanly smudge and contour your makeup, completing your everyday look!

Tapered Brush

If your concealer brush is too big for you to reach the "hard to conceal" areas like your under eyes, let this brush make the magic for you.

Unlike other brushes, this one will not soak up your concealer as it will fully allow the products to seep into your skin. Just brush it on and voila! No more uneven skin for you! 

Lip Brush

People have different lips' shapes and sizes, and only a lip brush can precisely flaunt your lips for you.

By using a lip brush, you can also prevent yourself from getting your lip products anywhere other than your lips. What a great way to save your lip kit and looks, eh? 

Angled Eyeshadow Brush

Color Blending will be fun only when you use BS-Mall's Angled Eyeshadow Brush!

This brush can sweep your eyeshadow evenly across your lid and upper eyelid. Not only you can use it for your eyeshadow, but it can also be an alternative when you need to put primer onto your lid!

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