A number of people may have talked you out of buying a smartwatch. Most of them have told you that it is a total waste of money and that a regular watch will do. Unfortunately, those who tell you are those who have not had the chance to use a smartwatch themselves.

If they did, they would know that it comes with more benefits than meets the eye. 

People buy a smartwatch for the very reason that it is smarter than the old traditional watch. It gives you more than just time or minutes. It can keep track of your breathing as well as your heartbeat. Some could also make you take some calls, send messages or even reply to emails. All you need is to know what features you want and you will find a smartwatch that has it and more. 

So before you do some Christmas shopping on Amazon for the best smartwatches, here are the top five highly recommended by the experts:

Fitbit Versa 2

Get the quickest news and the latest developments through this smartwatch. Check the weather, set alarms, control the smart devices at home -- do all these with the easy touch of this smartwatch.

Its Sleeping Score feature helps you better understand the kind of sleep that you have at night and how to improve it. This smartwatch helps count the calories burned, as well as distance traveled and other activities. Its battery can last for a good six days. 

Garmin fēnix 5S

This multisport GPS premium watch is perfect for those who are into personal training. It comes with an elevated heart rate technology that allows you to check on your heart rate to ensure that it is within normal limits.

The best part about this smartwatch is that its battery life stretches up to nine days. Put in key stats with the use of your fingertips and find out how your most recent workout affects your body and progresses into reaching your goal. 

H4 Fitness Health 2in1 Smart Watch 

This version of a smartwatch is stylish and elegant. It comes with a waterproof, scratch-proof tempered glass covering with its up-to-date technology.

Whether it is for fitness or business, this is the perfect watch to buy. You simply have to turn your wrist to get it to start working. Moreover, it comes with an intelligent heart rate monitor, so you can keep track of your health.

H4 Fitness Health 2in1 Smart Watch also comes with a special Blood Pressure detecting app for your personal reference. 

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

Live a stronger and smarter life with the ultimate smartwatch for the busy person like you. Rest well, but stay active with its own built-in health tracking devices to make sure you are always in good condition for work and play.

You can go nonstop for days without charging. In fact, its cordless charging technology allows you to charge without slowing you down. With pairs for both Android and iOS smartphones, it is perfect!

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Track the real results you are getting with this smartwatch.

Resolve yourself to rest better after all the exciting exercises that come built-in with the watch. Keep track of your sleeping patterns, too. You can also expand your horizon by linking your smartwatch to your smartphone. See the difference it makes in your life.


With a solid understanding of what a smartwatch is and what it can do, for sure, any of these five smartwatches would be in your shopping cart this holiday season.

More than the cost, it is the investment you are putting in one of the smartest devices for busy people. Not only will it be another accessory. In fact, it is a whole new lifestyle. 

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