Royal Exposé: Prince Charles Put Princess Diana Deliberately At Harm's Way


It seems life with the Royal Family was a life sentence for Princess Diana.

In November 1977, the then-16-year-old Princess Diana met the heir to the throne, who happened to be dating her older sister. Prince Charles saw Princess Diana as her potential bride and their relationship progressed. Although they had almost a 13-years age gap, it did not hinder their relationship at all.

But ever since Princess Diana became part of the royal family, nothing happened in favor of her.

According to the late royal princess, she had an eating disorder because of Prince Charles. Her bulimia battle started even before she got engaged with the Prince, as it began when the Prince of Wales held her waistline and said, "Oh, a bit chubby here, aren't we?"

Moreover, a few months after their 1981 Wedding of the Century, Diana's suicidal thoughts got even worse to the point that the royal family sought experts to "fix her."

"I was about to cut my wrists. I came [back to London] to seek treatment. I was in such a bad way. Couldn't sleep, didn't eat, the whole world was collapsing around me," Princess Diana revealed.

Diana added that analysts and psychiatrists gave her high doses of valium, a medication to calm her down, in order to "sort her out."

As it turns out, however, Prince Charles did not only damage her emotional and mental health but also her image as a public figure.

The War of the Waleses

The podcast Fatal Voyage: Diana Case Solved conveyed the wrongdoings Prince Charles and his office did against the Princess of Wales.

Prince Charles' team reportedly planned out a propaganda against Diana in pursuit of ruining her name. The whole dispute ended up being called "The War of the Waleses" by the press.

In 1995, Princess Diana herself confirmed during her BBC's Panorama Interview with Martin Bashir that Prince Charles was truly the brain behind the campaign. However, she needed to fight to the end because she has "a role to fulfill and two children to bring up."

The highest point of the "War of the Waleses" occurred at the end of 1993 when a conversation between Princess Diana and her childhood friend James Gilbey leaked. Squidgygate, as what they called the 1990 telephone conversation, revealed that James called the royal Princess "Squidgy" and "Squidge," sparking cheating rumors.

After years of enduring all the struggles alone, Princess Diana took a break from royal life because everything was getting out of hand and causing stress in her life.

Moreover, the pressure affected her and her work, which was something she took note of.

Princess Diana stated: "I wanted to give 110% to my work, and I could only give 50. I was constantly tired, exhausted, because the pressure was just, it was so cruel."

The "War of the Waleses" started the unending feud between Prince Charles and Princess Diana until they decided to end their marriage by divorcing.

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