Kate Middleton REJECTS Prince William's PDA On National TV! [Watch]


Royal watchers celebrated the first time they saw Prince William and Kate Middleton get touchy on the public. However, the two appeared to have gone back to zero again.

Unlike Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who always show their love even in public, William and Kate rarely do it. Besides, all royals are expected to meet the "unspoken expectation."

But when the two participated in the Shout's Crisis Volunteer event at the Troubadour White City Theatre in London, they exhibited rare sweet gestures to feed watchers' eyes.

After the off-the-cuff speech, attendees saw Prince William once extend his hand and touch Kate's arm. The duke also softly tapped the back of his wife and guided her to the car before leaving the venue.

Moreover, a body language expert Patti Wood compared Prince Harry and Markle's intimate gestures to Prince William and Middleton's sweet and lovely signals.

Kate Middleton Does Not Want It Anymore?

Together with Mary Berry, the two royals participated in the special "A Berry Royal Christmas" where they cooked for the volunteers of their charities.

It was just an ordinary segment until the cameras caught Kate shrugging and dodging her husband off after he attempted to touch her shoulder.

The PDA attempt only lasted for a second, but it became the talk of the town that people started to wonder if it meant anything deeper than that. Some watchers just thought that the Duchess of Cambridge only wanted to keep their royal image and tradition in mind, so she ended up rejecting Prince William.


Despite rebuffing the affection, Mary Berry still referred to them as "a pigeon couple" who are partners for life.

"It was easy to see that William is very proud of Catherine," Berry stated. "He was keen to stress to me how none of his mental health charities would be what they were without Catherine, who puts so much time, effort and care into making sure everything works well."

Within those three days of filming, Mary Berry noticed that Prince William has been constantly touching his wife while smiling at her. Kate, in return, did the same thing to Prince William. In fact, every gesture they showed looked very sweet to see since they were natural.

Are They Allowed to Show PDA?

In general, public display of affection is considered ill-mannered by the royals. The protocol is being practiced by Prince William and Kate most especially when they are in public.

The former butler to Princes William and Harry, Grant Harrold, told TIME once that it "depends on where the royals are and what situation they're in" if they want to hold hands or touch each other.

Harrold also said that Prince William and Middleton's casual touching during their Royal visit in Oslo, Norway was more natural and carefree than a formal and social event, such as Trooping the Color.

The British Royal family created etiquette rules which started since the establishment of the monarchy. As time went by, the members have adapted the decorum to show respect and courtesy while offering the best for everyone.

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